What Are The Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat?

When measuring the number of calories being burned by exercise, it is influenced by the individuals body weight, his or her workout intensity, his or her conditioning level, and the metabolism rate of his or her body.

But, first and foremost, the best exercise to lose belly fat for you should be something that is tailored to your needs as well as to your ability to undertake the exercise. Proper nutrition and healthy diet are keys to determining your readiness for some kind of exercise. Before getting into it, check with your doctor if he can give you the bill of health to do it.

Always keep in mind that exercise is only going to supplement your program to lose weight. You need to have good eating habits and clean lifestyle before you rush to your exercise regimen.

14 Top Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

1. Step aerobics are great cardio workouts to lose belly fat and they can burn, in one hour, 502 calories for a 130 lb. person, 598 calories for a 155 lb. person, 695 calories for a 180 lb. person, and 791 calories for a 205 lb. person.

2. Basketball is a kind of exercise that burns a lot of calories. Boxing is another exercise that scores high in the number of calories burned.

3. An exercise where almost everyone can participate is ballroom dancing. Combination of exercises in calisthenics also contributes to effective metabolism for people who indulge in this sport.

4. Canoeing demands a lot of timing and coordination of all of your muscles in the legs, arms and shoulders. This is why this type of exercise also has a high rate of metabolism and a bigger number of calories are burned when the canoeing goes into vigorous rowing of the paddle into the water.

5. As such, canoeing ties with boxing inside a ring with a lot of the energy built up by food is pumped up by the physical exercises. For sure, anyone who indulges in these sports, boxing and canoeing, will have well-toned muscles and a lot of your body fat is practically burned in an hours session.

6. Extreme sports like cross country skiing, especially the uphill event, registers the highest number of calories burned in an hour or physical exercise. Cycling in 20mph race comes next to cross country skiing in terms of burning calories.

7. If forestry work can be considered an exercise like chopping wood with an axe, then it also is an activity that demands a lot of calories burned.

8. For ordinary people, handball is one indoor exercise that takes a lot of energy and calories burned in an hour. Ice skaters must have a wonderful physical condition as their sport takes a lot of energy to do as well.

9. A not-so-well-known sport, jai alai, demands arm and leg coordination and, therefore, takes the same effort as handball that is also played indoor and hitting a ball towards a wall.

10. Jumping rope is one of the best home exercises to lose belly fat that can be done even by kids. It is a strenuous exercise so be careful and make sure you know what you’re doing. Slow rope jumping takes 472 calories per hour in a 130 lb. person. Fast pace of rope jumping for the same person increases the calorie burning in one hour to 708.

11. Martial arts like judo, karate, jujitsu are games with a partner and can make you sweat so much though the moves are short and quick. Its effect on burning calories is identical to lighter sports using balls and racquets.

12. The surprising revelation of all exercises is running. This exercise from all weight divisions (130 lbs., 155 lbs., 180 lbs., and 205 lbs.) is probably the best among all the exercises to burn belly fat. A 130 lb. individual can burn 1,062 calories in one hour running at 10.9 mph speed. His counterpart weighing heavier at 205 lbs. can burn 1,675 calories in 1 hr.

13. Of the simple exercises to lose belly fat, walking is the best. Compared to running, walking at a slow speed of 2 mph can already take 148 calories per hour for a 130 lb. person.

14. If walking is something you don’t enjoy doing you can also engage in other, more leisurely (or productive) activities like watering a lawn or garden. It burns 89 calories per hour for the same person walking slowly.

In summary, when you want to know what are the best exercises to lose belly fat you should think long and hard about what kind of physical activities you enjoy doing and then DO THEM! It’s really all about getting out and being active. Also, proper diet and nutrition and exercise make a good combination so consider changing some of the foods you eat also.