What Are You Doing to Help?

It’s easy to watch the news and get frustrated as we see our freedoms restricted, one by one. Then we see the DC elites making more plans for more things to do with our grandchildren’s money. And on top of that, we see people who hold traditional American values are called threats to the government and potential domestic terrorists. It’s enough to make you wonder when someone is going to do something about it.

I have been told that God doesn’t make junk and everyone of God’s children is a somebody. Hmmmmm. Usually what people mean when they think somebody should do something, is that they really mean somebody else should do something. Part of this mindset is that our society is one of many spectators and few actors. We watch our favorite ball teams or race drivers go out and do their thing for obscene amounts of money. We cheer for them as if their victories somehow enhanced the lives of ourselves and our families. We support some who run for office… sometimes we may even work with one of their campaigns. At best, though, most of us just hang around the periphery of the action.

We do this because somewhere deep inside we’ve been conditioned to believe that it is our lot in life to be one of the masses while the changes in the world come about because of big people, special people… somebody else.

Here is a radical thought: to your neighbor down the street, you are somebody else. To your high school classmates, you are somebody else. To the people you work with, you are somebody else. To the people in your church, you are somebody else. I hope you are starting to get the picture.

Everyone is looking to “somebody else” to solve their problem. Look at the helpless masses who voted for Barack Hussein Obama. They thought he was going to fix every aspect of their drab, lifeless existence… they even thought he was going to buy them a car and pay their mortgage. They may have been right about this in some instances… but he will never be able to give them meaning.

We look at men with names like Washington, Madison, Henry, Adams, Franklin and Jefferson and see them as bigger than life. Without diminishing the magnitude of their contribution to the founding of our great country, I believe you will agree that these farmers, printers lawyers and who knows what else, were men… mere mortals like the rest of us. None could walk on water or leap tall buildings in a single bound. Although they were all intelligent and successful men, not one possessed super human skills or abilities. Their DNA was pretty much standard human being stuff. They were pretty much like you and me.

They all believed in the necessity of living in freedom. Most of us also understand the human need to be free as well. The difference between these men and many other capable colonists, was that they carried these beliefs one step beyond just talking about them. They acted on them. They could have met behind closed doors for twenty years, complaining about the wrongs visited on them by the British monarch… and nothing would have changed, except for a few more ulcers amongst the assembly.

These were ordinary men who did extraordinary things. They lived at a critical point in the history of the world and helped birth the greatest nation on earth. Like them, each of us was born into this critical period in the history of our country and the world. Understanding the sovereignty of God, we need to consider that each of us, like Esther, was placed on this earth for “such a time as this”.

You might argue that you are just one person, and that one person going against the trends of society has little chance of success. This is true… on a human level. We need to keep in mind that even Moses, who had the promise of God’s power to sustain him, needed the have his brother Aaron by his side to have the confidence to approach Pharoah. It’s OK to have some feelings of inadequacy, because by ourselves, we are inadequate, and it helps us realize our dependence on divine guidance and support just like our founding fathers.

This is why we need to seek out others of similar mind. They may be a group at your church, possibly a patriot or tea party group. Wherever you look, there will be people to work with. Find a group you are comfortable with. Meet with them, and, if no one else does it, be sure they don’t just sit around and belly ache. Take it upon yourself, if necessary, to be sure every one goes home with some kind of action item. It could be as simple as making a phone call, or writing letter to the editor or to politicians. Nothing happens until somebody does something.

When you start to move forward and make progress, people will say you are trying to impose your religion on them. It is they who are trying to impose their secular, statist religion on everyone. Patrick Henry, one of the driving forces of the first ten amendments to our constitution that we call the Bill of Rights, wrote, “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ! For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom to worship here. There is absolutely no reason to be ashamed or defensive!

Contrary to secularist propaganda – as we are seeing in Washington – the Christians are not the ones seeking to control every aspect of our lives. We are the ones who offer true freedom, both now and forever. We need to be the ones to speak up to a leader who has hardened his heart, much like Pharoah. Will you be part of this move for freedom, or will you hide in the bullrushes and watch?