What Can I Sell on eBay to Make Money? Top 3 Secret Tips on What to Sell to Make Money on eBay

What can I sell on eBay to make money – one of the most frequently asked questions of anybody who wants to start generating an income using eBay.  The answer is more simple than you think, and success is closer than you think.  It’s right around the corner!

To answer your question, there are a lot of things that are selling really well on eBay, it’s just to pick the one that you think you can sell the best & easiest.  Let’s get into the short list right now and figure out what it is that you’re going to sell!

1) Electronics.  Always a winner!  If you’re still asking what can I sell on eBay to make money, this is the #1 answer right in front of you.  You must see all the iPhone and iPod commercials, all the new mp3 players.  Even all the new laptops, all the brand spanking new “netbooks.” All of this stuff, which only costs a few hundred dollars for your customers, sells like hot cakes.  Everybody wants a piece, and there’s always need models coming out with new features that people can’t wait to get their hands on.

2) Clothing.  Clothing is something that everybody wears.  The smart shoppers go online to get great deals, and the people that shop a lot already know exactly what size and what style of clothes fits them the best.  You’re catering to these people.  The smart, trendy, savvy people who come online to look for their clothes specifically.  Sell those high end clothes like Armani, Express, and others.  Coach stuff, accessories, handbags, purses, all of those work wonders on eBay.

3) Antiques.  Things that have value to one person and don’t have value to the other.  I remember when I first started I was asking myself “What can I sell on eBay to make money?”  I thought of antiques.  A cool lamp, a very nice painting, anything that somebody could be passionate about.  These things SELL to those who really value them.