What Can You Sell on eBay, and Where Can You Find It?

The first things you sell on eBay are usually just old stuff you have at home: Your old dress, your grandfather’s stamp collection, the old records nobody uses anymore, etc.

Then you want to start a real business. But what will you sell?

If you want to make money from eBay, you should look for things that sell. You don’t want to waste your money on eBay listing fees without selling anything (believe me, those eBay emails “Sorry, your item didn’t sell” are a great source of stress and disappointment!). Nobody likes to spend hours on writing a nice and appealing listing just to find out a week later that no one was interested. Sometimes no one even looked at your listings, and some other times you had 89 visitors but no one made a bid.

There are a few tools to help you find what sells well on eBay. Some free tools supplied by eBay itself, and other complementary tools which can be obtained elsewhere.

Once you found out what sells on eBay, you have to look for places to get it. Your closest retail store will usually carry these items (if they can be found there) in a price which is at least the same as eBay’s, if not higher. You have to find wholesalers or drop shippers who can sell you in low enough prices so you can profit.

Finding good and reliable drop shippers is not that simple. Just typing “drop ship” in Google will get you tons of drop shippers, but most of them are people you wouldn’t like to deal with, or people who sell you things in prices you can make no profit of.

There are some good drop shippers lists that recommend to you reliable people. Once you obtained such a list, you have to look carefully for items which are sold in a cheap enough price so you can actually get some profit. Note that some of the drop shippers give you MSRP prices (MSRP stands for Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) , but these prices are usually higher than the common eBay price. You should check the actual price in eBay before you decide that a certain product is a profitable one.