What Do The Thin Blue Line Police Stickers Imply?

When it comes to symbols, emblems and even basic colors, there can be numerous meanings and interpretations. Interestingly, several individuals who come across the very same symbols repeatedly do not seem to be curious enough to find out more about those symbols and their meanings. A single such example is the blue line emblem that is very easily spotted on police cars.

The American Police Beat magazine lately covered the blue line identifier that was designed in the year 1993 for law enforcement officers. The reflective thin blue line police stickers that we see on vehicles or in the type of decals and badges are an internationally recognized symbol that honor the officers, both fallen and living, for their heroism and the part that they play in guarding the citizens.

The thin blue line is a lot more than just a symbol or an emblem. Typically interpreted in much more than 1 way, the phrase itself is now related with law enforcement. So, officers do not just sport the symbol on their cars but also on lapel pins, patches, license tags, hats and badges. It is believed to have been inspired by military lore!

The blue line emblem consists of 3 straightforward stripes – a thin blue strip amongst two black ones. And these stripes and their placement have a certain meaning each and every.

The top black stripe stands for the general public who need to be protected from victimization and freed of crimes occurring in their every day lives.

The bottom black stripe represents the criminals and all the adverse or anti-social components which tend to trigger harm to the society or to the public in specific.

The thin blue line placed in the center is of course, law enforcement and the men and women in-charge of it. The placement of this blue in the center of the emblem suggests that law enforcement is what separates the two components of the society. In other words, the blue line represents a barrier that promises to safeguard the leading section from violence and crimes triggered by the bottom black section.

The symbol or the identifier is a way of displaying assistance to the police and has been modified into distinct versions to represent other officers and professions. There is the thin silver line that is employed by corrections officers, the thin white line that represents medical solutions and the thin red line that stands for fire fighters and the thin orange line for search and rescue personnel.