What Does Take To Be A Web Developer?

So you are thinking about starting your career as a web developer, that’s great news! Being a web developer means that you can be one of the highest earners in the company, taking home $ 75,000 in the US, £40,000 in the UK or Rs 300,000 in India. No matter which corner of the world you are in, Web Developers are in high demand and paid very well.

But before you go down the road of learning the various programming languages like PHP, ASP.NET and Java, take some moments to consider all the other additional skills you might need as a web developer – it’s not all about bashing out code you know!


You must have a passion for programming. Learning how to code at university will make you in to an average programmer, sitting up late at night reading the latest code snippets or developing new ways to render a web page will distinguish yourself as a top programmer. If you switch off your computer and programming mind at 5pm then you will never achieve anything more than average. If you go home and talk to your fellow programmers or work on a new open source project then you have the makings of a great programmer. One simple test to determine your passion is if you have a free Sunday afternoon, would you want to be experimenting learning new codes and techniques?


The stereotypical geek who has the social skills of lettuce is a thing of the past. A web developer needs to be able to communicate to all levels within the company and to clients. You must be able to talk with confidence – particularly when there is a problem which takes time to fix. Clients don’t like to wait but so there are always so many unforseen problems in a web development project that a web developer needs to be able to communicate effectively so that the client isn’t left frustrated.

A Love of Problems

If you are the type to give up when you come up against a problem then web development almost certainly isn’t for you. You need to relish the challenge of new problems and not be able to sleep until it has been solved. Every single day you will come up against new challenges that will tax your logic and problem solving skills to the very max. Whether it’s working out how to setup the database to locating which line of code is causing an error you need to love the attention to detail and methodical, systematic procedure that problem solving requires.


Clients will have expectations, the sales team will have deadlines and you will be working on a project with multiple other people. You need to have the diplomatic skills to keep all the parties happy throughout the development. If you refuse to listen to your clients requirements – no matter how outrageous – then you could soon find yourself out of a job. If a client wants something to be done a certain way but you know from experience that there is a better way you need to have diplomatic skills to be able to convince the client. You also need to be able to compromise at times rather than always striving to do your own thing.

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