What Is A Bed In A Bag?

Bed in a bag, from the sound of it one could vision a truck backing up into your driveway and unloading a very large box. When you open that box you see a bed in kit form complete with the instruction manual with those famous printed words “some assembly required”! Humor going entirely in the other direction, you could envision something as simple as a sleeping bag.

Both examples could not be further from the truth.

So what exactly is a bed in a bag? A bed in a bag does not include your mattress and box springs. “Bed in a bag” is a term used to describe an easy and convenient way to shop for bedding. A bed is a bag contains everything you need to make your bed. The purchase of a bed in a bag instantly changes the look and feel of your existing bed, whatever size it may be.

A simple 8-piece bed in a bag set usually consists of a sheet set (one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and pillow cases), a comforter and a duvet cover. Think of a duvet cover as a pillow case for your comforter. A luxury bed in a bag is high quality Egyptian cotton of at least 300 thread count. Egyptian cotton is a fine, lustrous, long staple cotton grown in Egypt. Long staple cottons are more expensive than the common available cottons, because they are synonymous with quality and can have high thread count. (Remember how soft the bedding felt when you were at that up scale hotel?) A luxury bed in a bag may also include some more accessories, pillows, pillow shams etc 12 to 19 piece sets are not uncommon. Purchasing these items for your bed separately could get expensive. Packaging the items together in a bag helps bring the cost down and makes for a more easy purchase.

Hope that clears up any misconception you may have had about a bed in a bag.

Hey if you are going to spend one third of your life asleep, why not sleep on luxury sheets. Why not pamper yourself with a luxury bed in a bag. Solids, stripes, and floral or other prints the choice is entirely up to you. Since most bed in a bag sets include a comforter this is an easy way to style your bed with a new look for the fall and winter seasons. Have fun make your bed (no pun intended) both beautiful and luxurious to sleep in.