What Is An E-Cig?

Yes, we’ve seen the electronic cigarette in stores and all over online promoted as the healthiest alternative to smoking tobacco burning cigarettes, but what is it exactly? It is basically an electronic version of the real thing. It looks, feels, and tastes exactly like a real cigarette, minus the horrible chemicals that a real cigarette is filled with and the unhealthy smoke which causes health problems not only for the smoker but anyone around them as well.

E-Cig stands for the electronic cigarette which is very safe for the human health. The electronic cigarette is the invention of the modern era and its becoming popular day by day among the smokers. The other cigarette is very dangerous for health because it contains many health destroying ingredients like tobacco and other deadly chemicals. The electronic cigarette contains a harmless e liquid in it which can give the great taste to the smokers.

The e liquid is basically what makes the electronic cigarette exactly that. The rest of the cigarette is basically all looks. Everything that makes the cigarette healthy, taste the same and even the vapour is because of the electronic liquid. The liquid consists of the nicotine (whatever level out of zero, light, medium, or high you choose), the different flavour (there are many out of which you can choose from), and the magic propylene glycol (it is what makes the actual vapour appear just like smoke). This way you get access to the different flavours, the different levels of nicotine and of course the vapour, when you pull on the cigarette and the liquid is heated up. The heating is done by the vaporizer which in turn creates the vapour.

There are two options to getting the liquid. You can choose to purchase filters that are offered with the liquid already in them. They are pre-filled and offer a different array of flavours, from fruity and honey, to menthol and other popular cigarette brand blends. Also, they are offered with different levels of nicotine. The other option is to fill your own filter with the liquid you make at home or purchase in a smoke shop. Either way, it offers a great alternative which is matched to smoking a real tobacco burning cigarette.

That is whey health department always wanted to control the use of the smoking. The use of the electronic cigarette is better than the other cigarette because it is less harmless and there is no side effect of using it. The electronic cigarette is the good creating of the modern era and is getting very famous no a day among all the smokers. It is the good choice for the smokers because it is very safe.