What is Behind Your Coffee Withdrawal Headaches

Do you feel like a sheepish coffee addict when you began to suffer from a splitting headache after skipping your morning coffee? The good news is that you are not alone in those signs of the headache and fatigue since this is completely common to a coffee drinker. There have actually been scientific studies taking place to give you the 411 on why this is happening.

So far there have been numerous coffee drinkers have reported side effects of their caffeine withdrawal such as a headache, fatigue, feeling sluggish, low energy levels, and problems concentrating. The scientists who headed the study actually took the time to look at brain electrical activity and blood flow during a caffeine withdrawal so they could examine the physiological effects from lack of caffeine. One of the biggest symptoms that all coffee drinkers were pointing to was what they called a “caffeine withdrawal headache”. The researchers actually examined caffeine side effects in a double-blind study where the subjects were given both caffeine supplements and placebos. After that point, all of the subjects responses were measured for brain electrical activity, blood flow to the brain through an ultrasound, and the own subjects self-reports through questionnaires.

The results of the study were conclusive in showing that when daily caffeine consumption was stopped there were severe change in blood flow to the brain and in the brain electrical activity. These findings were measured with an EEG, showing that to be the cause behind the classic symptom of the “caffeine withdrawal headache”. Those coffee drinkers in the study also showed regular signs of fatigue while having a caffeine withdrawal. So what can you do to stop these problems before they start without having an overdose of caffeine? One great way to stay in overall wellness is to drink water consistently throughout the day so that you will stay hydrated. Another great way to handle and maintain your coffee intake is to do what was suggested in another study, which is to divide up your cups of coffee throughout the day so that you are not having a caffeine crash or withdrawal any time.

If you are coffee lover and a coffee fan, but I’m sure you are happy to note that it is possible to enjoy your daily beverage without nasty side effects. I know you may feel completely dependent upon your black gold at some time or another throughout the day, but if you do start out with a moderate amount of coffee and continue throughout the day, then you should not experience any dips in your energy level or alertness. Coffee is a drink that has been shown to have numerous benefits, so it is great to know the ways we can head off the side effects at the pass. Make sure that you are not completely dependent on coffee for all of your energy and wellness needs because your drink of choice should be coupled with a healthy lifestyle where you get enough rest and exercise. After that, coffee is pretty much a free-for-all where you can choose to enjoy a moderate amounts throughout the day of the drink that you so love!