What Is Special In The Bali Villas Of The Island Of Gods

“The Island Of Gods” is not a strange phrase today. Bali, the place popularly known as the ‘Island of Gods’ has become one of the best tourist attractions of today. Statistics indicate that Bali attracts an average of 1,000,000 tourists from all around the planet every year. As the world knows, Bali is very famous for the rice terraces which are the spectacular sightings on this planet. Another factor that attracts the tourists towards Bali is the climate. Bali has a tropical climate with a comfortable temperature of around 28 degree centigrade. Alright, apart from the alluring sightings and the soothing weather conditions, there is another important factor that makes tourists from all parts of the world swarm towards Bali. This factor is called accommodation in the Bali villas. Now you may be wondering what is that special with the Bali villas that attract millions of tourist every year. Just keep reading on to find the specialty of the Bali Villas.

The Peaceful And Very Calm Atmosphere

The first specialty of the Bali villas is the best atmosphere where they are located. These villas are located with the surrounding rice fields which presents great calm atmosphere. The calm nature is found to bring great mind relaxation. Many people prefer staying in the Bali villas for mind relaxation. Some of them even believe that these villas are excellent stress busters. Tourists staying in the peaceful Bali villas can never forget the comfort that they offer.

The Ultimate Privacy

Privacy is another factor that makes these Bali Villas very special. The privacy offered by these accommodation spots make them the perfect places for the honeymooners to stay. This is obviously one of the main reasons why Bali is becoming one most preferred honeymoon spots. With the increasing popularity of the Bali Villas as the best honeymoon spot, there are some service providers who offer Bali Villa honeymoon packages. These honeymoon packages will include the best accommodation in comfortable private rooms which offer the very best privacy and dining the very best cuisine.

The Right Option For Peace Lovers

If you are planning a vacation trip for getting mind relaxation in a peaceful environment, the Bali villas are made for you. Nothing in this planet can be compared the peacefulness of these accommodation spots. Even some of the health experts recommend visiting Bali and staying in these peaceful villas that offers great mind relaxation necessary for sound health.

Booking the Bali Villas is not a big deal today. Some of the very best Bali villa rental providers like Mia Villa Bali have made online reservation facilities. So it is very much easy to book a Bali villa prior to your travel. With these Bali villas, this place is no doubt “The Island Of Gods”
Sabung Ayam
Archipelago International Music Expo (Bali-Kei Archipelago Festival)
Its about music, music industry, fun and beach. WHEN & WHERE IS THE EXPOIt is a three days EXPO, on the 6th, 7th and 8th of October 2017, AIME event will be available for public to come and enjoy – and at the same time learn about different creative and business opportunities in this particular industry. An exotic spot, the Ngurbloat beach at Ngilngof village, a 500 x 200 meter area is where the venue of the music expo, so you can enjoy music, the sun, the sea, the moon and stars on the softest white sand beach in the world. Music industry businesses or related businesses, speakers and also popular artists from various genres will participate and create a music blast event for those attending the Festival.   WHO CAN ATTEND & PARTICIPATE?Online businesses related to the music Industry and social media as exhibitors in AIME such as, Facebook,  Reverbnation, iTune, Spotify, Musicyess, CDBABY, Soundcloud, Twitter, etc. We are also looking forward for the participation of offline businesses such as, manufacturer and companies that makes music instruments, music software, performance stage, sound system, lighting, professional loudspeakers, amplifiers, etc. For the music performance and promotion, recordings artists, national and International, to make the expo as their chance to let the world know they exist.   FAQs Q: Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?A: Under 17 YO must be accompanied by an adult – NO EXCEPTION Q: What can I bring into the event?A: No food or drinks allowed from outside of the venue – NO EXCEPTION Q: How can I contact the organizer with any questions?A: Just email us at [email protected] and give us at least 2 x 24hr to reply; or you can call our office during the week at +62 21 2965 1102; business hour is 9:00AM to 5:00PM Q: What's the refund policy?A: NO REFUND – NO EXCEPTION