What is the difference between Air Fried Chicken Wings and Chicken Tikka Masala

There are plenty of restaurants in Singapore that serve truly amazing delicacies from Asian, African, European, and American nations. Indian, Chinese, Caribbean, Mexican, Italian, Spanish, and Thai dishes are extremely popular in the country just like the local cuisine. If you want to order the most scrumptious chicken delicacies you should choose Chinese, Indian, Spanish, or Mexican cuisine in the country. Chicken Tikka Masala and Air fried chicken wings are two extremely popular dishes in Singapore. The dishes are however different from one another due to plenty of reasons. Let us take a look at the differences.

The choice of ingredients

A lot of spices are used in preparing Chicken tikka masala. The dish has a strong flavor and will help you enjoy the scrumptiousness of Indian cuisine to the core. When you visit the restaurants and wine bars in Singapore that serve authentic Indian dishes, you should definitely order the chicken tikka masala. Yogurt, pepper powder, ginger paste, garlic powder, onions, chili powder, coriander powder, and salt are the key ingredients used to provide a rich flavor to the dish. Compared to the chicken tikka masala, air fried chicken does not use too many ingredients. The chicken wings are brushed with salt and a layer of pepper. No other ingredients are used in preparation of this delicacy.

The cooking process

In order to prepare chicken tikka masala, the key ingredients are mixed well in applied on chicken pieces. A cup of yogurt is also mixed to provide a tangy taste to the dish. The marinated chicken is refrigerated for a day before starting off with the cooking process. This makes the dish extremely yummy with richness of Indian flavors in every bite. The air fried chicken wings are cooked with greater ease. You do not have to spend time mixing quite a lot of ingredients. Most importantly, no oil is used in preparation of the dish. This makes it a healthier option even though the tastes of both these delicacies are extremely different from one another.

The way it is served

Chicken tikka masala is one of the best dishes that you can order along with rice delicacies and noodles. You can also order it along with the Indian bread dishes to enjoy the splendid flavors in the best possible manner. Air Fried Chicken Wings delicacy is quite different. It is usually served at the whisky bars in Singapore along with the premium drinks. The dish is available at all places that serves good bar food in Singapore. It is also used as a good entrée dish at the elegant restaurants in the country. You will love it when you order a plate of fries and air fried chicken wings at the fast-food chains in the country when you are out with your friends. The dish is the best to order during casual get-togethers. It is not usually ordered along with the main course Indian or Chinese delicacies. It would however be good with some of the premium Spanish delicacies.

Air fried chicken wings and chicken tikka masala are hence two entirely different dishes. The only ingredient common in both the dishes is chicken!
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