What is Wrong With the Republican Party? Nothing Actually

We hear in the news media all the time that the Republican’s brand is dead. We hear that the Republican Party is severely damaged and that everyone is running from the Republican Party. Of course, when we hear this it is often a Democrat making the observation, and they are making that observation from a certain very narrow perspective that best suits their political wishes for our future.

Political wishes that may not be the best for our nation in fact. There is nothing wrong with the Republican-Party per se, and there is nothing wrong with being a conservative. There was nothing wrong with Ronald Reagan, or any libertarian leaning Republican for that matter. The media has erroneously stated over and over again that Republican-Party is dying.

Well, it certainly isn’t dead yet, and every day, I talk to people who are either conservative or borderline democrat socialists. So there are a heck of a lot of people out there with the conservative mindset and they are alive and kicking is certainly not dead yet. So when you hear someone ask;

“What Is Wrong With the Republican Party?”

Nothing Actually; there is nothing wrong with it. The fundamental principles stand, historically it works, and it is a really good contrast to the new Socialist movement we see in our country. Just because the media says that the party is down and out does not mean it is. If you’ll recall during the campaign to elect Barrack Obama, the democrats spent $ 700 million, which is more than any other election in the history of the world.

They basically bought the media, and since the American people have given their minds to the TV set, it worked, just as they’d planned. The media to cover their tracks continues to support Brock Obama and tell us how great he is. That’s all good and wonderful probably good for the masses to support the leadership, but about the time that they start telling us that the Republican-Party is dead is about the time that I start laughing back at them.

You see, The Republican’s Party is not dead now, not even close, and if things continue the way they are now, the pendulum will swing back boldly. Please consider this.