What Is Your Business Personality?

One might link home business opportunities with personality, but fact is you have to have a specific character to go it solo. Not everyone can be a home business owner. But there are some personality traits that are common in the self-employed that outdo education, who knows who, skills and experience.

Those who choose home opportunities that best fit their true personalities have a higher degree of success. Every personality type has the potential for success in the right opportunity. Most self-employed persons are natural leaders, awesome problem solvers, and great under pressure. The key to success is finding the business opportunity that best suits you.

1. The trailblazer is very competitive, ambitious, and goal oriented. They steam roll over everything and can be quite aggressive. These people are restless and very energetic and run on fast and faster. Great fields for these people are medical, technology, money, legal and consulting.

2. The go-getter has more than normal amount of dominance and social ability. These people are great leaders and really care about others. They are very independent and can be great motivation. They have a flare for retail and can also make it great in any business type due to your excellence in the unfamiliar.

3. The manager is dominant and independent. These people are extremely analytical and take a more relaxed approach to make sure all is done correctly. These people’s strong areas are working behind the scenes on the technology, ideas, and marketing concepts.

4. The motivator is dominant and extremely social. These people work well under pressure. They are at the forefront collaboration, building, and change. Any field that deals with people is your place of action. These people are very convincing and can persuade anyone with their emotional argument. They can see both sides of every situation and are excellent at customer service.

5. The authority is that person who is the backbone. They are the workers of the world who do it right. These people exceed in the area of franchises and owners to already up and running businesses. These people look at the detail and tactic involved in all areas and do things the right way. They are very patient and accommodating and usually find themselves self-employed by accident.

6. The collaborator has the gift of sociability. It is all about the people for them. These people always get what they want and make the best sales people. These people are warm sellers, using advertisements and/or e-mail to contact prospective buyers. Once the consumer initiates an interest these people sell their hearts out.

7. The diplomat is very restless and enjoys a certain amount of pressure. These are the deadline meters and they get work done quickly. They deal well with change and new situations. They do things right and love variety. These people are the multi taskers and are usually doing many things at once. These are the people who get business and keep them coming back for more.

Once you discover which personality fits you, it will help you to improve in those areas that you may not be strong in, depending on the type of business you are involved in.
Sabung Ayam

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