What Makes Granite the Most Preferred Choice for Kitchen Counters?

So, if you are looking for a perfect granite or quartz worktops Cranleigh, you would need some handy tips that can help you to choose the perfect slab.

The Cost Factor

Cost and budget are one of the key factors for choosing high-qualitygranite worktops Cranleigh. There are many suppliers who would charge you for the entire slab, no matter how much you require. In order to reduce waste and save some money, you should work with your suppliers and designers to select a perfect granite slab on work on its design.

Choice of Hues

Natural hues of granite look beautiful. Mother Nature has given us several natural hues like the lovely blue and beige, which are a rare treat to the eyes. However, the scarcer hue you choose the higher price you have to pay.


It is not a question of the quantity of quartz or granite needed; it is also about having easy access to it. Seasonal quarries are an important factor for choice, as it makes granite scarcely available. There are several other factors like natural disasters or political unrest, which affects the cost of granite.

Rare Granite Variety

Somegranite varieties containsemi-precious stones such as the ones with labradorite. Such options are usually expensive. So, if you really want to add an extraordinary appeal to your countertops, semi-precious stone studded granite could be a choice.

Sources of Granite

Nowadays, granite is found almost everywhere in the world. Most granite, however, is mined in Brazil and India. Especially when it comes to Indian granite, it resembles Madura Gold, typically dense and available in larger slabs. Such granite shows plenty of movements too. However, it is affordable. Likewise, Brazilian granite is also widely available and beautifully designed.

The Composite

It is very important to different between genuine granite and artificial ones. For granite worktops Cranleigh, you should ideally choose dense and acid resistant stones. Especially when it comes to countertops, granite is a vague term, which includes different types of dense stones. There is another type of countertop stone called the serpentine, which is composed of marble and granite. Suppliers often categorize these stones as both marble and granite. So, you ought to have an eye to select pure granite and pay the worthy price.

Granite Jargon

There are different terms used to define different types of granite. For example, japurana means slabs with flowing pattern. Similarly, Giallo means slabs with gold or yellow tint.

While choosing granite for your home, make sure you avoid the dyed slabs. Occasionally, the absolute black variety of granite is dyed to enhance its colour and look. In addition, always befriend your fabricator and supplier and allow them to guide you with their experience and knowledge. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about stones, its durability and other factors impacting the cost.
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