What Makes Papua New Guinea Expedition Inexplicably Beautiful

Breathtaking sceneries and an awestruck culture can especially be found in Papua New Guinea. Eight hundred varied languages can be spoken by the eight hundred fifty different tribes which prove that this country has a rich way of life. A better way to absorb yourself in their mishmash of cultures is this rather than by going on a Papua New Guinea expedition cruise.

You will tour through the country’s ethnic cultures, unexplained rainforests, gigantic reefs, and magnificent volcanic islands by the offers of Papua New Guinea Tours. If you are looking for a vacation that is full of breathtaking scenes and awesome discoveries, better be involved in Papua New Guinea expedition. This experience will be a memorable one.

Elegant and lavish cruise ships are offered by many travel and tours specialists for a voyage to Papua New Guinea. Usually lasting from 10 to 15 days, this Papua New Guinea expedition cruise is dependent on your itinerary, place of entry, and point of destination. Most of the time, the path that these arranged cruises take the eastern Papua New Guinea coastline which travels to and from Cairns and Rabaul stopping at several islands along the way.

A Papua New Guinea tour would give you the pleasure to try new things and would let you experience a fun-filled adventure. You can be involved in their culture or choose among fishing, diving, trekking, surfing or bird watching. Definitely, you will go on board on all these activities as you visit the following destinations of Papua New Guinea but still that depends on the direction of your Papua New Guinea expedition.

Docking on Dobu and Fergusson Island where a fleet of tribal canoes will welcome your journey is one of the best Papua New Guinea Exploration highlights. You will be awed by the tribes? tribal dance performance and with their passion of embracing their culture and heritage. Mythical and spiritual tales will be told in the Dei Dei hot water and mud springs where you will also be taken to.

Beautiful islands surround the Madang diving site that lies on a peninsula will surely enjoyed by divers on the Papua New Guinea Exploration. At present, this underwater paradise which is now the dwelling place of millions of sea creatures is considered as a historic location for this is the place where ships sunk during World War II. Diving in Papua New Guinea is definitely a unique experience so remember to always stop by Madang to go diving, fishing, snorkeling, and swimming.

One of the greatest river systems in the word is Sepik River so never ever miss out the opportunity to cruise along this river in your Papua New Guinea Expedition. It is the home of wood carving, the tradition of the tribes who live there. Sounds of flying foxes soaring above will be heard and amazing sights will be sun throughout the night after you have docked.

Bird watching in the Sepik River will be enjoyed by bird aficionados. The cruise down the Sepik River will lead you to unique species of birds such as Spotted Blu-eyed Cockatoos and the Blyths hornbills. This experience happens very seldom and could definitely be claimed as a memorable one.

The Crown Island is another island that you shouldn’t miss on the Papua New Guinea Tour. The nesting area of unique turtles and giant lizards is in this place. Relax in the beaches of Crown Island in its incomparable crystal waters or trek through the sand.

Visitors who have toured in the country through the Papua New Guinea expedition are very impressed of the marvels they have seen and experienced. This unique cruising vacation amuses its passengers for the natives that they meet here are warm, passionate and made perfect by its pristine natural surroundings. The journey towards discovering the wonders of this immaculate paradise – the breathtaking Papua New Guinea is memorable.
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