What Non Surgical Face Lift Methods Work?

The non surgical face lift is a term bandied around to mean anything from Botox to acupuncture and microcurrent facials that give a natural face lift. There’s no question that injections work for a good many people to reduce lines, but it doesn’t always lift the dragging in the face and comes with some serious side effects, particularly in the long term.

The popularity of the non surgical face lift has risen dramatically in the past 10 years with many various options to choose from. Each technique or method of non surgical face lift will come with it’s good and not so good aspects. Some work for a short time and others do not work at all. Here are some good foundation elements you need to consider when choosing your non surgical face lift method.

Considering Natural Face Lift Elements

Rather than talk about the benefits of various non surgical and natural face lift methods, this article will focus on what you need to bring about a natural face lift. In this way you can best decide for yourself which method best suits you and your lifestyle.

Firstly we need to understand what actually makes the skin sag. Contrary to popular belief that time and gravity makes the skin sag, it’s actually muscle tone and skin elasticity and firmness that causes the sagging. This is why you can get a boozy, smoking 39 year old with lots of life lines and sagging skin and a 50 year old with a face perfectly lifted, round and young. The difference is in the care and attention to these three elements – muscle tone, elasticity and firmness.

The Role of Elastin in the Non Surgical Face Lift

Elasticity is lost over time because of poor diet, poor digestion and poor skin care regimes. To prevent loss of elastin a diet high in raw fruits, vegetables, sprouted whole grains and legumes to get needed minerals and enzymes is necessary. This type of diet, rather than a largely cooked food diet, will keep you digestive system young and working well as well as keeping up good mineral components in your diet to produce elastin.

Once you’ve lost elasticity combining pure elastin gel to your skin with a diet high in the above mentioned food, will help. You will also need to look for non surgical facelift methods that use micro current and or acupuncture/acupressure to help stimulate the skins natural elastin production.

Collagen and Firmness

Firmness and elasticity is also lost due to damage of collagen fibres and reduction in the production of collagen. Damage is caused by yoyo dieting, excessive exposure to the sun without using moisturizers and nutrients to replace moisture loss and poor diet and digestion. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production. So is keeping healthy bowel flora by staying away from excessive use of alcohol, enzyme depleted cooked foods and processed foods.

Once you’ve lost your firmness you’ll need a good skin care range high in both minerals and vitamins, particularly pro vitamin A, C and E. Also supplement your diet with a good probiotic (acidophilus, bifidus an lactobacillus combinations). Eating yoghurt and fermented foods isn’t enough once you’ve become deficient in bowel flora. Taking natural collagen supplements are a good idea but they won’t work as efficiently if you don’t also have enough vitamin c and bowel flora. This is one of the reasons why some people get great benefit from collagen supplements and others do not. You need a complete wholistic approach when it comes to supplementation.

Non Surgical Face Lift’s and Muscle Fitness

When considering what natural face lift or non surgical method you use, quite frankly, if it does not address the deep spasms in the muscle that cause wrinkles and sagging, you will get a superficial result. Lasers, Light and even micro current face lifts give a superficial result that won’t last long unless it is combined with massage and relaxation of the muscles on the face. Facial yoga, acupuncture and acupressure go a long way to help with this. Using skin care than has marshmellow extract and herbs that relax the facial muscles is also helpful.

So the best non surgical facial to spend your money on is one that uses microcurrent stimulation combined with massage of the facial muscles. Because microcurrent also drives product deep into the dermis, having a good organic anti aging product range is imperative. You can help your results along greatly with a diet high in raw fruit, veges, legumes and whole grains with lots of oily fish like sardines, mahi mahi, tuna and especially salmon. By simply eating 5 servings of these fish a week you will notice a big difference in elasticity and firmness in your face after just 4 weeks. With your non surgical face lift sessions on top of that and a nutrient rich organic skin care range you will go along way to keeping a fresh, young firm face.