What the Top Selling E-Cigarettes have in Common

The top selling e-cigarettes tend to have a few things in common. Consumer preferences have changed a bit in the time since these devices have become available. The first generation of these products had issues with battery life and with the various components that vaporized the nicotine fluid. Today’s e-cigarette designs feature a more compact, powerful and enjoyable concept.

The top selling e-cigarettes today tend to use cartomizer systems. In the past, there was usually a three-part system involved with every e-cig. These parts included the atomizer, the cartridge and the battery. Today, the atomizer and cartridge are oftentimes packaged together in one device, called the cartomizer, which makes it much more convenient. The atomizer is replaced with every new cartridge, allowing you to avoid the problems that come with having to keep track of the atomizer and the cartridges to make sure you’re getting the best experience possible.

The top selling e-cigarettes on the market today also tend to make use of draw-through designs. The first cigarettes had a button that activated the atomizer component. This created problems with the device activating when the button was depressed accidentally, such as when it was in a pocket. While e-cigarettes generally don’t get hot enough to cause any harm to the user, the accidental activations still burned fluid off of the cartridge, causing a waste of fluid.

When you’re searching around for e-cigs, look for the brands that offer what the top-selling e-cigarettes offer. There are still models on the market that use outdated technologies and these won’t give you the best experience possible. You’ll also want to give consideration to the battery life that each e-cig offers. If you plan on taking your e cigarette with you when you go out and about, you’ll need longer lasting batteries. You can also purchase accessories, such as charging cases, which ensure that you’ll always have enough power to last the whole day or night.

The top selling e-cigarettes are most often backed-up with a guarantee. Make sure that whatever product that you buy can be exchanged for a new one if one of the devices proves to be defective. The newest designs are also very simple, which eliminates many of the problems that plagued the more complex, early designs. Today’s best selling e-cigarettes offer a lot of features for the money and a great vaping experience.