What to Do When You Aren’t Seeing Any Sales From Your Website

It’s frustrating. Day after day you check your stats and every day you see the same bad news. No – Zero – Sales.

You know that you have done everything right – but you still can’t figure out what is causing people to click the “back button” instead of the buy button.

For the next few minutes I will take you through a quick process to diagnose and then correct your site. Follow this process and you will be on your way to getting your sales machine purring like a kitten.

First, What Not To Do

This can be a stressful time and as a business owner your wired to take action. Here are some actions that I’ve seen some business owners take that you should avoid.

– Pausing, deleting, or canceling the sources that are bringing you traffic. You can’t make sales without traffic. Keep the traffic flowing for now.

– Completely redo your salesletter or landing pages. This wastes precious time. Don’t change until you’ve found the problem

– Lower your price – Your not making any sales so lowering your price is premature until you know your price is too high.

What to Do

Now, here are some practical suggestions for getting your first sales:

– Begin by tracking every single source that is bringing traffic to your site. Invest the time to install Google Analytics on your site. It’s free and fairly easy to use.

– Once your tracking is in place, find your top 3 traffic drivers. These are where you will find your first customers

– Take the time to understand the type of customers that are coming to your site. For example, one of my sites was doing a great job of reaching stay-at-home moms. However, my site’s sales copy was definitely male focused. I changed the copy and my sales immediately picked up.

– Now, write down three benefits that your product/service specifically offers to this group of visitors. Take your time here – this is where I see most owners miss the bus.

– Once you have your benefits, go back to your sales or landing page and make sure that your benefit appears in the first 10 words on the page. For example, I routinely place my most jaw-dropping benefit in the PPC AdWords ad, the landing page headline and repeat it in the 1st full paragraph of text.; Continue to weave your customer-focused benefit throughout your primary sales page. Don’t let your customer forget that you are there to help them.

Here are a few more proven tips that will help you immediately

– Eliminate all links that are not “buy” links. Don’t give your customer a chance to get distracted and click away.

– Use testimonials, demonstrations, and credibility badges (i.e. Better Business Bureau) early and often

– Deliver real value and back-up your offer with a real guarantee.

Refine your sales offer until it hits the visitor in the heart and the wallet. The secret is to test, evaluate, and then test again. Do this and you will soon hear your online cash register ringing.