What to Pack for a Luxury Overseas Vacation

Preparing for your first overseas vacation means going through all of the items in your home and determining what needs to be packed, and what can safely be left behind. Many travelers believe the worst thing they can do is leave behind things that they will need on the trip, but that leads to packing far too many items that won’t be needed. You end up with overweight bags that are expensive to check and a hassle to drag through the airport. What is the best way to avoid that mistake without leaving anything you really need behind?

The first thing you need to do is think about where you will be vacationing and what the weather should be like while you are there. You need to research the climate and determine the normal temperatures for the time of year you are visiting.

For example, you would pack differently to rent villa in Bali during the summertime than you would for a trip to a Colorado ski resort in the middle of winter. If you are going somewhere incredibly hot you might pack a sweater just in case evening temperatures on the beach do drop a little, and vice versa for traveling somewhere known to be quite cold.

What you do not want to do is pack for every season “just in case.” Most of what you pack won’t be needed, but you will have to haul it to and from the airport.

You also do not want to pack a different pair of shoes and set of accessories for every outfit in the suitcase. Try to pack separates that can be mixed and matched, and then just enough shoes to cover all bases. Determine if you will be able to wash laundry while you are there, especially if you are going on an extended overseas vacation. If you can wash clothing, then you can pack mix-and-match items and wash as needed.

For example, if you book Bali luxury accommodation or rent villa in Bali, you may have access to washing machines and dryers as a part of your stay. If you stay in an upscale or luxury hotel or resort, you may be in luck there as well. If you stay in a smaller hotel or bed and breakfast not set up for long term stays, then you may not have access to laundering services. You would need to pack a bit more clothing in that situation.

Regardless of your ability to wash clothing, make sure to pack separates that can be interchanged and then limit your shoe and accessory collections to what is absolutely necessary. The more valuables you have, the more you stand to lose if your luggage is lost at the airport or hotel. It is never a good idea to take anything that you could not stand to lose, or which is not replaceable. Leave it at home for safekeeping.

It is always a good idea to pack light and leave open space in your luggage when traveling overseas. You will probably do some shopping while staying at your Bali luxury accommodation or other destination, and will need space to carry those new items back home.
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