What Types of E-books Are Best – Writing Your Own Or Buying Private Label E-book Resell Rights

The rising demand for e-books has created a lucrative business opportunity for anyone looking for shrewd ways to make money. There are two ways to earn money off the rise of e-Books: first, you can write your own e-book and offer it for sale online and second, you can buy private label e-book resell rights and earn money off reselling it.

Writing an e-Book requires tons of hard work and loads of perseverance. Any e-book less than a hundred pages isn’t worth buying in many reader’s standards and other readers are even more fussy when it comes to getting value for your money. And ranting on for a hundred pages isn’t just enough, readers want quality reading! Writing hundreds of pages of quality work takes time, much experience and lots of technical knowledge.

Finished writing an e-book of good length and of quality material? Now, look for ways to sell your e-book. Writing an e-book plus advertising it is an awfully time-consuming process which is why many people opt to buying private label E-book resell rights instead.

Opting for such allows you to make profit out of selling e-books without having to do any of the writing yourself. Of course, this decision assumes you are only interested in making money off e-books rather than the creative input involved in it.

Buying private label E-book resell rights simply means you buy out the selling rights of an e-book created by someone not yourself. Aside from acquiring the right to sell it, you usually also obtain the rights to edit the content and credit the entire work to yourself. All sales acquired from selling the book go directly and only to you.

The bane about simply buying e-book resell rights is although you save much time, you’ll have to shell out a lot of money. Freelance writers usually charge expensive rates for buying the rights to their material but not without due, since they simply want to be compensated for the amount of time they’ve invested in writing.

Note though that writers who charge higher usually also produce content of higher quality which in the end could be worth it since high quality work is more profitable.

Both strategies of profiting from e-books still require marketing know-how. Marketing an e-book to the public is seldom an easy process. Marketing is difficult enough that most people opt to purchase resell rights to an e-book already created. This allots them more time to focus on simply marketing the e-book.