What we can do about climate change

Something that has been discussed quite often lately is climate change. You can read about it in the current news, blogs, and in newspaper and online articles. Many people have their own thoughts and opinions on what they think about the current climate change discussion. Some people take this matter very seriously while others struggle to see the bigger picture and therefore why they need to change the way they live.

Many people think that the weather just takes its own course which is natural such as during certain times of the year it might be a little hotter or colder than is usual for the season but the truth is that the situation is a bit more complex than recognizing that the temperature isn’t quite where it would normally be. The fact of the matter is that the ozone layer is becoming thinner and is therefore less effective at protecting the earth from the heat of the sun, which is resulting in the polar ice caps melting and the water level rising. It has been said that if the water levels continue to rise steadily at the current rate, the whole world will eventually become submerged under water.

With this in mind it is clear to see that this would have a negative and detrimental effect on humanity, animals and plant life and there are some animals and other species that have already become extinct, possibly down to the effects of climate change; some weather patterns have just made it impossible for certain animals to survive.

Climate change cannot be reversed entirely but the effects can be reduced and the damage offset by saving resources and using energy such as gas and oil wisely. Planting more trees is another great way to offset carbon emissions, ensure birds and animals have adequate natural habitats to live in and to reduce the risk of landslides and flooding due to deforestation. Planting crops will also help in these ways and will also help people in developing countries to grow their own food and support themselves in a sustainable way which in turn will go towards reducing global poverty. There are plenty of other ways that you can get involved with helping in this crisis; do some more research about this matter online, because there is definitely so much more that you can learn about what it is going on in our world as far as climate change is concerned and the more you know; the more effective you can be in the effort to protect the environment.

Check out the facts about climate change and how your actions can help to reduce global poverty and make the world a better place, starting from home.