What we Know About Poker Pro Fred Sarge Ferris

When you think of all-time greats in the poker globe Fred “Sarge” Ferris has to be at the leading of your list. Ferris played poker and played it effectively. Realizing that some men and women play poker for exciting and some played it as a hobby, couple of of them had what it took to play for a living. Fred “Sarge” Ferris knew he did.

Developing up in the Fantastic Depression Fred vowed to be different than the rest of his family members. His father spent his time picking up anything he could to place meals on the table and clothes on their backs. His brother enlisted in the Navy, and also later became a properly respected watchmaker and jeweler. Gambling wasn’t known as gambling back then, at least not in Fred Ferris’s eyes. He had a distinct game in no way displaying any emotion, or displaying his cards producing him challenging to read.

Even though not much for publicity, Mr. Ferris began getting the interest of the other players and media as properly. He began winning large pots, and higher stakes money games garnering the respect of his peers. His first big win came in a deuce-to-seven draw in 1980 winning $ 10,000. He then won $ 150,000 and a gold bracelet in the World Series of poker. After collecting his winnings, Fred Ferris was approached by a man named Stu Ungar.

Stu Ungar told Ferris that he legitimately could win the world series title. It took a lot of convincing as well since he told Ferris that he had in no way played in the Planet Series Of Poker before. Somehow he did it and Ferris put him in. Ungar was listed as an intense long shot with odds at 100:1. Ungar played masterfully making the final table and defeating Ferris’s lengthy time rival Doyle Brunson.

On April 22nd 1983 IRS agents approached Ferris in the card room and seized $ 46,000 in chips. It produced headlines in on news circuits although sitting at Binion’s Horseshoe at higher stakes games. The cash was then reportedly seized due to the fact of back taxes Ferris owed to the federal government. One particular of the agents told Ferris to use the remaining cash and purchase a taco.

Fred “Sarge” Ferris and his scandal outrage the nearby Hispanic communities. Protesting that 1 of the agents mocked Ferris’ ethnicity. His parents had been born in Lebanon but he was somehow mistaken for a Mexican. This was all a misunderstanding. Ferris said the agent was attempting to be nice. The incident died off eventually.

Fred spent most of his life at just about each casino in Las Vegas, playing in numerous higher stakes games. On March 12th 1989 Fred “Sarge” Ferris had a massive heart attack at a casino in Las Vegas. With the funeral set days later, a big crowd of folks beginning pouring in to honor this mans life. Fred was referred to as a “consummate pro” and was properly respected by most.

Even so right after every little thing Ferris brought to the game he became the 18th inductee into the poker hall of fame. Later that year following a extended investigation by both Las Vegas casinos and the Indian gaming commission, Ferris would be linked as one particular of 5 guys who was in debt to the mob. To Fred’s credit the mob would by no means see their cash.

Fred “Sarge” Ferris will forever be remember for his intelligence on the table and achievements he accomplish. Some of Ferris’s methods are nonetheless utilised nowadays and have earned him the respect of today’s and future poker players worldwide.
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