What’s New for Facebook Fan Pages with Less Than 10,000 Fans

In the light of some recent stats, you will find that almost every business intends to make a fan page on facebook. Most of them already have one. But that doesn’t mean you can have all the fame. There are around 77% of fan pages who have less than 10,000 fans.

So obviously, it’s not easy for any brand to make it big through social media networking. Being a brand you certainly wish to engage too many people online. That’s understandable but with every other brand trying to do the same, setting up a fan page on facebook is just not the answer.

Primarily because the number of fan pages capable of attracting a lot of fans is quite small. Technically, it’s not the size that matters. However, many brands wish to set up their presence on facebook expecting to gather a huge fan base.  Too sorry to say, such brands often get disappointed.

This is because; everyone having a fan page on facebook was determined to cross the 10,000 fan mark. After crossing that milestone, facebook offered some particular analytics. These were only meant for pages with more than 10,000 fans. These special analytics were impressions and feedback per cost.

As of today things have changed. Now the pages having less than 10,000 fans also have the liberty to view this particular information. With that known, the very next query in your mind would be regarding impressions and feedback.

Let’s start with impressions first. It’s actually the measurement of repetition of some particular post. Impressions give you the number of times a post appears in a news feed. Whereas, feedback tells you the percentage of fans who simply ‘like’ or even comment on some post.

With this new data, you will be able to find out how much the exposure of some particular post is. Moreover, you will know how much your fans are engaged and intrigued by a specific post. These analytics are a good indicator about the worth of the stuff you are posting.

You will find impressions right underneath your post. And it’s not just from the post people saw on your page but also involves impressions generated from news feeds.

Even those fan pages who haven’t exceeded the 10,000 fan limit can now find out how powerful a wall post can prove. Your reach can be greater with larger fan following and this new provision allows you to do just that. Imagine your friend and then the friends of your friends can have a look at the interactions available in news feeds. They don’t even have to visit your page to find out.

It’s a nice way to find out how important a post can be for a fan page. It potentially multiplies your reach over your fans. This means your brand is being viewed by many others who aren’t even your fans. Furthermore the likelihood that whatever you post will appear in someone else’s news feed also increases. This liberty now open to all fan pages makes expansion easier.