What’s The Best Choice In Cancun Real Estate?

What’s the best choice in Cancun real estate?

In a lot of ways, the answer to this question is up to you as a buyer. The good news, however, is that you have a number of really good options. A few of the most popular are as follows:

Luxury condos in the Hotel Zone. Cancun was originally founded 40 years ago on a location chosen because of a 35 mile strip of wide beaches running between the Caribbean Sea and a lagoon which separates this strip from the mainland. Along with upscale hotels, restaurants, golf courses and modern shopping centers, it has also become home to some of Mexico’s finest choices in condos, with splendid views of the white beaches and turquoise blue sea.

Although Cancun’s Hotel Zone certainly offers a luxury lifestyle to all living in the area, not aCancun real estate available here are priced for the rich. In fact, many are very accessibly price for just about any budget, sometimes available for well below $ 100,000 USD.

Condos at the North Shore of the City. This is where the beaches of the Hotel Zone meet the downtown area. A number of upscale condo developments are available on or very near the beachfront in this area. One of the most outstanding examples is Marina Cancun, which is a gated marina community offering luxury and exclusivity. There are also condos in nearby areas such as Punto Sam. Residents living here have close access to both the Hotel Zone and Downtown areas.

Downtown. This is the city that has grown up behind the lagoon. While it sometimes get less attention than Cancun real estate in the Hotel Zone, there are a growing number of Americans and Canadians buying homes and condos in the city itself. The main downtown core features wide roads with green, tree-lined boulevards, several large malls, local markets and many restaurant options. It is also very close to the airport and highway leading out to the attractions south and northwest of the city.

Fixer-Upper Homes. Within the options downtown, buyers are also beginning to notice the option of investing in some of the original homes built in the area, which are sometimes available at great deals. While a little investment in time and money is necessary, these can be well worth it, especially for buyers who love a project, offering a comfortable home near the beachfront for lower over-all price