When Size Doesn’t Matter For Your Health

Good news for not so lean person – if you are quite large, you can be physically active too. Just by simply walking or going up and down the stairs is already a challenge. Facing challenges like finding an outfit for exercise could be a problem. Here is some information that can help you be more active and healthier what ever size you may be.

Being physically active could protect you from diseases and help you live longer.

If you have one of these diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure and osteoporosis chances are physical activity can improve and control this symptom.

Constant physical activity can help you feel better since it will lowers stress and boosts your morale, increases strength, control blood pressure, build healthy bones, muscles, and joints, make your heart and lungs work better and improve self-esteem.

To start to be active and keep it that way, start slowly. The body should adapt to the new activity. Warm up and get your body ready for action. Move the entire body or march in place. Spend a few minutes to warm up for any physical activity. Walk slowly at first and go faster after a few minutes. Slow down little by little.

Do some stretches for a few minutes to cool down. Cooling down protects your heart, relax your muscles, and keep you from getting hurt. Set short-term and long-term goals. Get support from family member or friend to be active with you. Keep notes of your physical activity. You may not know it but when you look back, you may be surprised. Try various activities to find the one you like.

If you can’t reach your target, don’t blame your self. Feel good about what you started and be proud that you tried. You may have failed the first time but don’t forget there is always a next time.