When to Gain Muscle?

With all the news and media shoving the idea of weight loss down our throats it is almost second nature to think that we should be focusing on losing weight. It makes sense when looking at the statistics of how overweight problems are becoming more frequent around the world. But there are still numerous people that will benefit more from a weight gaining program rather than a weight loss program. There is a point where a shift in focus to muscle gain is almost mandatory.

This may make a few people mad, but changing focus at the right point will help with overall body composition and the increased muscle mass will continue to help rid body fat. I’m not talking about blindly just eating more and increasing the amount of body fat, no this is more about a structured approach. If you’re like me then you will have multiple goals that you’re trying to reach. This is not a mistake and can be successful as long as the primary goal is the one on which we focus. Many people start out on a fitness and health program with the idea of losing weight, reducing body fat, gaining muscle mass, and increasing overall fitness.

All of these goals can be achieved, but there is always a primary goal that will take precedence at any point in time. When I’ve been off my program for a while, then my first goal is always to get my fitness level back to where I want it to be. Then I start focusing on losing fat or gaining muscle depending on my condition. So what point is the right point where we should shift focus from losing weight to gaining muscle?

I use the BMI calculator to provide me with a guideline. As long as the BMI remains above the normal range it is mostly best to remain focused on losing weight and body fat. It is best to shift focus to gaining muscle rather than losing weight at the point when the BMI drops between 22.5 and 23. At this point focusing on losing weight will most often result in a skinny or scrawny look and in severe cases almost anorexic. Most guys long for the muscular look and the only way to achieve this is by shifting focus from losing weight to gaining muscle. The same holds true for women that are after that toned and sculpted look rather than miss bones.

Don’t worry that you will look too muscular and build muscles like professional bodybuilders that have only one focus in mind and that is to get huge. If you remain focused on staying within a healthy weight range and shifting to gaining more muscle rather than losing weight, then the result should be a healthy and sculpted look.

There are a few adjustments to the basic training routine that will be required when you reach this point. Avoid hard cardio training and rather focus on keeping your current level of fitness. Shift focus to more weight training exercises and focus on those that hit the big muscles for easy gains. The last item is a small change in your nutrition to add some extra calories to help build muscle. This can be accomplished by a slightly bigger breakfast and a good post workout meal. Add the calories to these two meals only and you will see muscle gain and fat loss.