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However, unlike the weapons, the characters are not customizable, and really fundamental in their storyline. You comply with the identical format most adventure games have: the hero is in the incorrect place at the wrong time, gets flattened by the primary negative guy who ticks you off sufficient to keep going and levelling up till you’re strong enough to defeat him. Aside from this fact, the characters are fairly 1-dimensional, and seem as although they are just placeholders – insert hero here.You will face off in four Acts consisting of 5 Levels in every single.

Every single level is about ten minutes in length, so you can pick it up and place it down with no feeling like you’re leaving anything really crucial. You can also quit into town at any time in between Levels to purchase things such as gear or potions with the coins that your defeated enemies drop. You will be able to play by yourself or with up to four nearby players. Although the game mechanics do not modify, the amount of enemies you face will enhance as a lot more players to your celebration, adding an element of challenge.Visually the game is artistic and full of life – one thing that earns the developers some brownie points in the eyes of a gamer.

Whilst the characters are basic and cartoony, they are bright and diverse in their weaponry, movements, and vibrantly coloured clothing. The backdrop goes from dark and dingy with basic ambient lighting, to bright, fiery scenes of explosions and burning buildings. Each and every Level seems to have at least two or 3 transitions exactly where the lighting, colours, and even the action around you adjustments. An example of this would be the extremely first level: you start off in a dark busted-down bar, producing your way to a bland looking street, with individuals operating and screaming in the opposite path.

By the finish, you are in the town square with almost everything on fire and mobs of angry mutants nipping at your toes. The continuous scenery and mood adjustments are what maintain this game entertaining – and SouthEnd Interactive did a great job maintaining things fresh by changing up the environments as you go along.The gameplay itself is quite straightforward – fight a mob until they are dead and move on to the next part of the level. The disappointing component of the gameplay is that it is fairly straightforward (regardless of the enemy).

For example, when you hit a foe it is virtually as if they are stunned, providing you ample opportunity to bunch them all together and then just slice them all till they die, without worrying about them hitting you back. You repeat this in nearly each phase of the game, with out a lot deviation. Whilst this will make the gameplay really basic, it can also make it very monotonous. To be fair, most hack-and-slash kind models fall into the trap of simplistic combat mechanics, and Sacred Citadel attempts to add new elements, such as exploding barrels you can hit, fires that can harm you, moving objects you and your enemies should steer clear of, or even more strong combo attacks as you level up.