When Your Boyfriend Is Acting Distant – What You Should To Before He Says He Needs Space

Things are going great and then your boyfriend starts to acting distant. At first you might think it is your imagination or he is preoccupied with his job or something else. It never crosses your mind that he might be trying to find a way to tell you he wants to breakup. That is what makes it a very delicate situation. If you confront him and ask him what is bothering him, it may give him the opening he needs to end the relationship.  

If you ask your best girlfriends for advice they may tell you he is falling too deeply in love with you and he is scared of making a commitment. They will tell you how men hate to lose their freedom and you should be patient. What they are telling you could be true, but the chances are he is becoming bored with the relationship and wants to move on. But no matter what the reason for your boyfriend acting distant, you will have to act quickly if you want to keep him.

The best thing you can do is start acting distant toward him. Spend more times with your family and go out with your friends and have a good time. Don’t always take his phone calls and stop calling him so often. If he is used to you emailing or sending text messages between dates, make them less frequent too. Show your boyfriend he is not the center of your life and you have other interests to occupy your time.

Suddenly taking a vacation with a couple of your girlfriends or taking a trip to visit relatives will show him what his life is like without you. When he finds he has to work to have time with you, he will no longer be bored with the relationship. If he thought you might be pushing him for a commitment your actions will show him he was wrong. In fact he might start missing you so much that the idea of a commitment might seem like a good idea to him.

The best thing to do when your boyfriend is acting distant, is to give him plenty of space before he asks for it. It is a fact of life that men always want what they think they cannot have. Look at how hard they will play a sport. They will nearly break their neck to keep from losing. That is why, if he thinks he might be losing you, he will do anything to keep you.