Where And How To Find Good Chicken Coop Plans

A chicken coop is a basic necessity when raising chickens. It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge scale organization raising chickens for commercial purposes or a small time farmer who has a few dozen chickens, a chicken coop is required for both purposes.

If you want a chicken coop to raise chickens, the market is littered with ready-made coops made from different materials, of different sizes and designs. But these ready-made coops can cost a fortune and are not affordable for everyone. The alternative to buying a ready-made chicken coop is to search around for inexpensive and easy to built chicken coop designs and materials.

Building your own chicken cage from the start sounds a bit like a worrying offer but if some research is tried before real construction phase, it can all go smoothly. Building a chicken pen would make you get building material and build the basic structures like chicken feeders, chicken water boxes, chicken nest boxes and chicken roosts.

The first step should be determining the size of the coop to be built which would be totally dependent on how many chickens are to be accommodated in it. Next comes the phase of selecting the building material, the most cost effective and easy to find material for your chicken coop would be scrap lumber.

Scrap lumber is cheap and easy to find. Be in a position to cut off damaged parts and pull out one or two nails, as it is second hand wood and not at first intended for reuse. The initial basic structure that really must be built after substructure of the chicken cage is the Chicken nest boxes.

Dependent upon the size and capacity of your coop, the nest boxes can either be roomy or a bit shorter than the standard. Building your own chicken cage is always much less costly than buying a prepared made and it is fun to build one of your own likings.
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