Where the Parkas Need a Bouncer

First, the good news setting Moncler. I saw me, told reporters on job seekers and retail. Two young men entered the business last week, dressed unflamboyantly bring their sheaves of abstracts to the south probably meant for each branch of Union Square. The first is an impromptu interview (new?) Indeed. None of the sellers of the moment, seemed touched by the intrusion. Perhaps they were a little relieved.

Because, of course, is bad news: Moncler need help. When I arrived to the store days, the door was closed and locked by a security guard without a smile. A European woman was waiting in front of me, a baby with a wool cap. One day was particularly cold this year, fell early. Only in the store, a mannequin with a dark jacket and leggings are sitting on a blanket of skin, fox skin tied around his head. She looked hot.leave within 15 minutes at least 10 people camp, but none were of the dozen at the door, a few light showers, the claw shall not enter earned but little resistance given us all the absurdity of waiting for temperatures outside winteresque a business that has to be registered or sold only warm clothing.

He was absolutely right. The long thin Moncler jackets with an area of media at the end of each page inflated, at least, has never been occupied. It Moncler independent second store in the country, and the other is in Aspen. A third will open soon in Chicago.

Outerwear garments from low complexity, knitted hats, gloves, these items requires hands on service. Customers who spent much time in front of shops with large mirrors, a selection of styles, just for the lower class. Big Bags White label with your company logo in front of the store was flying steadily, many of them probably full signature jackets and vests artificial fats Michelin, which represent a significant percentage of the inventory. Leading commodity fetishism clothing outerwear, what a base in a coveted thing.

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Jackets began life skiers (the company was founded in 1952) to appear in the mass of the hip-hop fashion a few years ago, the company’s expansion of specialized buyers. They come in a list of colors and sometimes disturbing, are often brilliant, and the winters are relatively thin.

Personally I prefer a winter jacket that do not advertise as such, especially because I, along with the winter only in theory, rather not. I like the cold, I do not know how in activities that require the cold to participate. I am probably not be taken in Gstaad badly dressed, or Hunter Mountain, or even a bit steep for Riverside Park For me it was the jacket of the Republic, an elegant blend of wool, nylon and leather ($ 1,550), the jacket, I kept buying the first winter in years. If you check my proud tradition of close of very thin layers under a jacket, a measure of function over fashion and psychology.

There were some impressive west in navy ($ 1,700) and the other in all blue and white stripes ($ 1530) in the style of Browne was suspended. Royal blue corduroy trousers were designed with legs ($ 850), are used in ski boots, even though they werent attractive enough to divert attention from the fact that the choice of clothing and boots.