Where to Find Reliable Wholesale Drop Shippers For eBay

One of the biggest misconceptions that I hear all the time about reselling on eBay is that drop shipping no longer works. What a mistake to think this way! It works, and it will work for years to come! What does not work is working with so called “drop shipping companies”! If it sounds confusing, give me one more minute – I will explain it all. The thing is, you Can find wholesale drop shippers for eBay!

Some time ago, when drop shipping just first came out as a business model, people were happy because finally there were chances for small business owners to make money, and very good money, without investing in inventory. What a relief! So as it was such a new and interesting opportunity, everyone rushed to get into the business as soon as possible. Which in fact led to many middle-class drop shipping companies being created.So when people say it does not work – this is the reason why. It does work, the thing is, you have to choose what to work with, because this is the decision that will make your business grow or fail.

However, there are still many things you must be aware of when working with a drop shipping company. What if you are selling things and everything goes smoothly, but that company has just ran out of stock? You get a negative feedback! So for the start, you should be very careful if using 100% drop shipping, and later on, you might want to stock some of the inventory yourself, which will require a little investment.

So what you actually need, is two things: profitable products to promote, and a very reliable drop shipping company to work with.

Keep in mind, you do not have to go for the big brand names to make profits in fact, you have to stay away from all the big guys like Prada, Gucci, iPod, Sony and all others, as much as you can – you can actually make much more money selling smaller brand named products! Yes, people are searching for them! This is called “niche products” – and here is where the real money is.

So how do you find these hot products to promote, the ones that sell like crazy? Well, there’s a process you can actually follow to make this a very easy task.