Which Of The Psd To Html Firms Should You Pick?

Design does matter if you talk about a website. It”s no longer enough that the webpage is a certified eye candy. You also have to take into consideration the function. The good news is there are already plenty of companies that can convert PSD to HTML or XHTML. The downside is not all of them will meet your criteria.

How do you avoid dealing with the bad ones? The following may help you out:

Price: Just because it”s cheap doesn”t mean it”s worth pursuing. Many of these companies would offer you packages that are so affordable, but before you make a choice, always ask this question: Do I need all of them? If you don”t, then most likely it”s not the one for you. Otherwise, you”ll not get the most of what you pay for.

Turnaround Time: Turnaround time refers to the schedule they will complete your project. As a website owner, time is of the essence as every day without a site means possible losses for you. Nevertheless, it”s also not a good idea to depend on an impossible turnaround time. Usually, it”s you who sets the completion date, but the company should be open to telling you their best date. Most of all, ensure they can accomplish it according to their determined due date.

Flexible Coding: It has become imperative to search for companies that can offer flexible coding. This is to ensure that it”s easy for you or for them to modify certain elements, especially if they are not according to your preference or they don”t do justice to your website.

Portfolio: Even the most popular company doesn”t get picked all the time. This is because their style may not be something you prefer. This is the reason why it”s very important for you to ask a portfolio. Most of the established firms already have a section for their portfolios. Some of them are active while others are dummies or static. The good thing about looking at portfolios is you can already see their potential or ability to do your project even before you send your inquiry.

Speaking of inquiry, you can also ask if they will be open to a test. A number of them are open to requests like that, especially if they know they have a huge chance of bagging the project. You can consider doing this if you have special requests, and you want to see how they”re going to be executed.

Technical Support: It”s never sufficient that the company has phone numbers and e-mail addresses. What”s more important is how easy it is for you to reach them. As much as possible, you can depend on 24-hour customer support, if not prompt reply.

Money-back Guarantee: You don”t like what they did? As long as you have a money-back guarantee, you can always anticipate a refund from them.

Note: There”s one company that qualifies all the criteria. www.PsdDesigntoHtml.com has been in the business of converting PSD to HTML for several years. They are one of the very few companies you can depend on for such types of projects. Moreover, their services are not limited to HTML. They can also convert PSD to WordPress or Joomla””it”s your choice. SABUNG AYAM