Which Ways to Stop Emotional Eating?

I have good news for emotional eaters: you can control eating emotionally and you can even give up it. It is necessary for you to know a few tips and tricks to help you do so. This article will show all things necessary to you – 6 smart tips and tricks to stop emotional eating. Let’s investigate those tips now:


Determine if you are really hungry

Stop and think if you are hungry or not by rating your hunger on a scale of 1 to 5 (one being not hungry while 5 is very hungry). Realizing that you are not hungry will help you to think twice about eating emotionally.


Have healthier versions of food

If you can’t stop your emotional eating, just substitute the unhealthy foods with healthier versions and still eat emotionally but make it healthier – that way you will at least save your waist.


Find alternative comforts

Instead of comforting yourself in food, find alternative comforts. All of the following can provide you with the same level of comfort as food: exercise, TV, shopping, sex, massage/spa treatments, and flowers – anything that makes you feel better.


Wait before indulging

Wait a while before giving in to your emotional eating. Usually the cravings and the feelings go away after a few minutes. If it don’t just have something healthier instead.


Think about how you will feel afterwards

You usually feels bad after emotional over eating on unhealthy and cheat foods. You may feel like a piglet or you may feel bad about the calories and your weight, whatever it may be remember that feeling next time you want to emotional eat.


Have half and go exercise

If you must have something unhealthy to satisfy your emotional hunger, only have half of the food or snack you wanted to have and go exercise the extra calories off.


These tips are sure to help you end your emotional eating for good. Just implement them the next time that you want to emotional eat.