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National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival holiday of Golden Week, 8 days to stimulate the domestic demand and stimulating economic development, not only created a 100 billion yuan of tourism revenue, for
Industry is also impressive. From September 28 the five broadcast television stations with high SD and high definition signals with the first National Day military parade broadcast live on two good news for the
Flat Panel TV
Usher in a new upsurge in sales. Konka, Hisense, TCL, Changhong and other domestic giants have sent Herald, according to internal company during the National Day of Statistics simultaneous increase in the sales of flat-panel TVs ranging from 3-12 times, LED technology and the Internet functions as the focus of attention of consumers. Multiple flat-panel television sales growth, in the end Which TV is the king of its own brand in the sales of it? Will be announced to take over inside.

TCL sales Wang: TCL 42P10FBE
Internet TV

Reference price: 10,999 yuan

TCL42P10FBE LCD TV, with its strong Internet capabilities to win the favor of consumers, once out of stock sales during the National Day. This product is original
LCD screen, a Blu-ray high-definition H.264 decoding technology for free to see not only large consumers but also fun entertainment for consumers. Very useful. Another feature of this product can be upgraded through the automatic follow-up with, but when their products.


Exterior side, TCL 42P10FBE LCD TV with high-grade special
And the “two-color injection molding Seamless” technology to build carefully, the appearance of doing well, the unique semi-transparent gradient effect of the border, let the craft like a crystal clear, texture, and abrasion resistance than traditional high-gloss piano paint and the general quality panel .

Performance, TCL42P10FBE LCD TV has a 1080p Full HD LCD screen, support for H.264, MEPG, RMVB video formats, with Blu-ray decode Full HD technology and natural light, crisp and clear images, more suitable for the human eye view. P10FBE Series integrates a powerful function MiTV Internet?? “Online viewing”, “online karaoke OK”, “News Express”, “Remote
“And so on, while TCL first manner of” somatosensory game “function applied to the TV, so LCD TV also has both audio and games of double features, more practical. And be able to automatic online update through the network, so that your TV forever do not backward.

TCL 42P10FBE LCD TV back interfaces

Interface side, TCL 42P10FBE LCD TV with 3 HDMI HD group
Interface, a group of component inputs, three groups AV interface, a group S terminal, a group VGA interface, a group of antenna interfaces, a group of LAN interface, USB interface, 2 groups, one group of SD card interface, support for audio output and microphone headset audio input.

This TCL42P10FBE Internet TV LCD TV as a Blu-ray focus more on the development of network functions, support for multiple video formats and full high definition decoding technology, so that we can experience without leaving home cinematic experience. The new “body sense of the game” function as the beginning of TV features an integrated game for the home entertainment experience to add more experience. SABUNG AYAM