Who will be the leader of the smartphone market?

The iPhone has dominated the news for years, ever since the first one launched in November 2007. Android is slowly catching up with iPhone, but earlier this month, Orange announced Windows new operating system, Windows Phone 7. The HTC Mozart will be on Orange’s shelves at the end of October and Orange are counting themselves lucky they have this exclusive deal.  However, one has to ask, could this be the handset to upset the Android and Apple market share?

According to Gartner, the Android market share is continuing to grow, whereas the Windows Mobile operating system market share has fallen.  There were high hopes that Windows was to be a competitor to the Android OS, but it failed to compete. The figures speak for themselves. According to Gartner, Microsoft has just a 5% share of the global smartphone market compared with 9% a year ago. Google’s Android system has a 17% market share and last year it only had 2% market share. These are the results before Windows 7 Phone was released. Microsoft may see their market share improve, but critics are doubtful.

Symbian are the market leader with 41% of the global smart phone market in Q2 10010, RIM (BlackBerry) has 18%, Android has 17%, Apple 14% and Microsoft 5%.  Gartner predicts that smartphone sales would have trebled to 875 million units and Nokia and Android will be the leaders, with 30% market share each.  Apple will have 15% and Microsoft 4%.  Despite the fact that Microsoft announced Windows 7 Mobile earlier this year, it has done nothing to positively affect the share price.  Instead it has fallen 20%.

Maybe 2011 will be the year for Windows, but it looks as though they will need to convince those Android and iPhone users to switch over.  There has to be something different and unique about the OS.  Windows 6.5 made the mobile market sit up and take notice, let’s just hope Windows Phone 7 does the same.

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