Why A Visit To Chania Is A Must

Chania is located along the north coast of Crete and is the second largest city on the island, which makes it the ideal place for holiday properties to rent. When people talk about Chania they will mention the Venetian Harbour, the old port, the narrow shopping streets and the picturesque waterfront restaurants. It is a beautiful city with most of its sites such as old buildings, museums, churches and craft shops being located close to the harbour. This means that you can explore the waterfront and streets and walk along the harbour wall to the Venetian Lighthouse, making your holiday in Chania truly unique.

Today the city of Chania can be divided in two parts; the old town and the modern city. The old town is situated next to the old harbour and is the matrix around which the whole urban area was developed. This makes it an interesting place to visit if you are interested in the history and culture of Crete. The Naval Museum is another brilliant way to learn about the history of Crete but is by no means only for history fanatics and everyone is bound to enjoy a trip to the museum while on your holiday in Chania.

The modern part of Chania is where most locals live and work. It is less traditional than the old town, but there are still areas of charming beauty or of some historical interest. The oldest district of the modern city is Nea Hora and is located beyond the west end of the old town. Although it is a developing area, it is also a very picturesque one, with narrow old lanes leading to a small fishing harbour.

You will never be short of options for where to get food whether you are a fussy eater or are willing to try anything once. There are many restaurants and cafes serving a range of dishes from local delicacies to more traditional British food which you can enjoy on your holiday in Chania. The culture and character of Cretan people and their traditions provides a great atmosphere for you to enjoy your dinner in and will make you feel right at home. A restaurant that many people recommend is The Well of the Turk. This unusual restaurant has a creative blend of North African, middle eastern and Greek food, set in an old Turkish house with a well.

Water sports are very popular activities in Chania which is probably down to the success of the local water polo team. With success in the primary league of the Greek national championship for many years now, locals are keen to keep the tradition going and participate in water sports themselves. Football, basketball and mountain climbing and walking are other popular activities that you can try while on holiday in Chania.

The city enjoys an enviable Mediterranean climate with sunny dry summers and mild rainy winters. During the period between April and October, clear sky weather is almost an everyday feature. The atmosphere is always warm but fierce heat waves are not very common which means that the temperature never gets too unbearable. If sun soaked holidays filled with culture and entertainment is what you want then a holiday in Chania is right up your street. And with holiday properties to rent you can always find the right place for you. SABUNG AYAM
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