Why Are We Aging Prematurely?

Aging is not a disease. It is part of the life process. However, aging prematurely is a serious problem that most of us are facing. Aging prematurely results from the misuse of our mental and physical forces which fatally leads to sadness, chronic stress, distress and disease. The good news is that our behaviors can easily be changed by adopting a strategy that is based on a more respectful use of both our mind and body attributes.

Over two thousand years ago, we have isolated our mind from our body. Ever since, the scientific community has centered its research on the material aspect of the person – the body – and left the none measurable forces of the mind to religions. And we still behave as if our mind and body were part of two different worlds. Today, when a health problem arises we see a physician who prescribes us some “things” 98% of the time. During these consultations, the most important part of our person –  the mind –  is rarely identified as part of the solution. Exceptionally, the physician who suspects a troubled mind will refer the person to a psychologist. If lucky, the psychologist’s consultation will occur before any important damage is done to the person. In any case, the nonstop iterative interrelations occurring between our mind and body do not receive much consideration. In our day-to-day life, we follow exactly the same pattern of thought and consider our person as a body that has physical needs almost exclusively: physical exercise, quality nutrition, proper breathing, medication, skin firming agents, hormonal treatments, cosmetic surgery, etc… and not much is done for the mind. Consequently, most of today’s anti-aging solutions are about one or several of the above physical treatments.

But today, quantum physic tells us that the interactions – or invisible forces – between the elements are just as important if no more than the elements themselves and that there is no such thing as isolated elements or particles. Our body and mind are part of the same world, not different worlds. There is an urgent need that we bring our body and mind back together and make them work as A TEAM. People who have a healthy long life are definitely those who consider themselves as a whole and make an excellent use of both their body and mind on a daily basis. The secrets of longevity reside in the positive use of all forces – material and immaterial – animating us.