Why Aren’t You Using Black Contact Lenses?

Isn’t it great news to have an alternative when it comes to changing your eye color? Instead of actually wearing eye prosthetic effects on a costume party, you can turn your own eyeballs into something that looks scary and shallow, and this is with the use black contact lenses.

Some may think of this as a very weird idea, and that this is the reason why using these contact lenses would be very appropriate on weird occasions such as costume parties or Halloween parties. You can just create your own scary personality with this new look and eye appearance. You can definitely give your friends a shiver on their spine through this.

These black plastic lenses would be placed on the entire surface of your eyeball so you have to make sure that when you purchase a pair of them, they should fit appropriately. So imagine your whole eyeball turning black because of those lenses, isn’t that very spooky. If someone looks at you at the far end of the room, your eyes would then look shallow as if there were no eyeballs at all — really scary.

Since these are black contact lenses, wearing them would be similar to wearing dark shades. So you’re probably wondering if you can wear them at night, since parties always takes place at night time. Well of course that’s possible. You’ll just have to make sure that you are a bit cautious when you are in dark places, your visibility of things would be lesser than normal in this case.

If you are wondering where you can get these black plastic eye lenses, you may try searching online for more options. You will be able to find websites which has their own photo gallery of colorful lenses and you may find these black ones available too. Just make sure that before you avail these lenses, you have to have a professional measure the size and the shape that you would be needing. Remember that these black contact lenses should fit your eye surface perfectly so you can make use of them.