Why Buy Cars From Police Auctions More than Vehicle Dealerships?

There are positive aspects and disadvantages to getting a car at a government or police auction alternatively of going to a automobile dealership. Several folks never realize it, but the police seize thousands cars every single month and in most cases auction them off to the common public at greatly reduced rates.

Government auctions are a properly kept secret that dealerships would rather you not know about. They acquire these autos themselves for really low costs and sell them to the rest of the public for great profit. The more buyers turn out to be educated about police auctions, the much more competitors they face at the auction plus vehicle dealerships sales they could potential shed that company.

So why does 90% of the common public purchase from car dealerships? Well that’s a very good question and I believe it comes down to education. Individuals are basically not conscious or these government and police automobile auctions. The government would be ridiculed is they spent income on marketing. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages in getting at these auctions:


– They’re offered at a lot decrease rates than anywhere else

– Police auctions are held everywhere in US and Canada.

– Data regarding government and police auctions with car listing detail is now obtainable on the web

– There is usually a wide choice of cars that can be identified at government auctions – sports cars, SUV’s, choose up trucks, motorcycles, jeeps, and so on.

– No middleman for you to have to deal with or spend

– No annoying commissioned salesperson to deal with

– Motivated seller who is not equipped to manage inventory, every thing have to go

– Possible positive aspects to revenue taxes (establish a company name)

– May pay much less sales and new vehicle tax

– As soon as you have an understanding of police auctions, you can start off your own company (i.e. Sell vehicles on eBay or Autotrader.com).


– Most of the sales are money only (any credit would have be carried out externally)

– No warranty (although utilized automobile dealerships warranties are for quick time periods)

If it’s not a problem paying cash, or you can get credit elsewhere, then the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Just bear in mind to bring a mechanic or automobile specialist who understands vehicles with you to the auction. They will inspect the automobiles that you’re interested in to make confident you get a great deal.
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