Why Do Celebrity Endorsements, “entertainment” Pressure Off “sports”

4 15, Dell benefits agency with Jay held a joint news conference in Beijing, the next two years, Jay will continue as the brand ambassador del benefits. Benefits of the Dell, the opening of the high-end star, received the expected results, from the industry’s dominant position to the award-winning “China Famous Brand”, “Jay era” del benefits popularity rapidly. Join shoe

another heavyweight star is Jet Li, is located in Shishi shoes Enterprise “honored” with the contract, the intention by Lee “Kung Fu Emperor” grand reputation.

Addition Donnie Yen, as the first broke into the Hollywood The Chinese Kung Fu star, Jinjiang Footwear Company intends to use his momentum Reillo, footwear enterprises in Jinjiang brand torrent a go.

Because a large number of entertainment stars as Spokesperson , Jinjiang popular corporate entertainment section of all ages. Entertainment and sports, is Jinjiang Sports shoes Two important channels to promote the brand. But so far, in Quanzhou, entertainers, thunder or sports stars to be overshadowed. Jinjiang lions walking in the streets, we will find, entertainers, with an overwhelming advantage. Qingyang to the lions in the way, actress Zhou Xun Billboard There are two, one Women , A sports and leisure equipment. In addition, she is the spokesman for candy companies Yake.

Every Year, is the major TV station Pre-harvest season advertising sign. According to industry sources, a footwear enterprises in Jinjiang to Hunan TV’s “Entertainment without limits” column naming more than 500 million out of the high price of how surprised people.

Signed with Hunan TV ads in the column title is another sporting goods company. Person in charge of the enterprise, said his company since 2001 has been the title sponsor of this column.

China are actually plenty of sports stars, like Michael Jordan missing, such a sports superstar Zinedine Zidane. European football market is easily the star of trading millions of dollars, China’s sports stars on the lack of such a gold content. Sign NBA, Yao’s worth millions of dollars, however, he is still only a “quasi-star.”

Course, each country has its own idol. Yao Ming and this year’s Athens Olympics Liu is China would be renowned for landmark sport athletes, they become the scarce resources of Chinese sports.

“For scarce resources, the top competition for resources is a business Competition Manifestation of power. “Dell’s head of Hui said:” At present, the domestic sports two brightest stars Yao Ming and Liu Xiang, has become the object of competition for domestic businesses, but in sports fields, eye fast chips, they fall in the hands of foreign brands. “Last month, Yao Ming, wearing Reebok sneakers entered the NBA China Games in the stadium; before the Olympics in Athens, Nike Liu Xiang to sign away.

Scarce things asking a lot of money, Yao Ming is an example. The past two years, Yao has become the spokesman for four companies: China Unicom, “New Frontier”, McDonald’s fast food, Sohu, Reebok. And the Reebok contract, or the latest thing. Insiders pointed out that the reason there is no Yao Ming signed a footwear enterprises in Jinjiang, first and foremost a price. Reportedly, the price of China Unicom signed Yao Ming is 30 million yuan, the price prohibitive for many enterprises in Quanzhou. In contrast, entertainers, in addition to a popular Jay Chou, Andy Lau, a few stars and a few more expensive, the rest of worth are between 1 million to 2 million yuan. Thus, most of the entertainment star is relatively “cheap” in. SABUNG AYAM