Why E-mail Fax?

Have you heard or come across the words – E-mail Fax, before now?

Well, if you’ve not then you’re in for a shocker because the world has gone past the conventional faxing and have begun to use faxing tailor-made for the 21st century.

Ok, then – What really is E-mail Fax and why is it paramount you use one?


E-mail fax which is sometimes known as Online Fax is a fax service that primarily makes use of the Internet to deliver faxes to the user’s e-mail address. The user in this case receives the faxes through his/her fax number and then gets it delivered automatically through e-mail.


Sounds cool! Isn’t it? Well, here are 5 reasons why you must use an E-mail fax now:


1.  It Saves Cost.


With E-mail fax, you have got nothing to worry about as all costs are brought to the barest minimum. In fact, there are no need for extra hardware, start-up costs, extra fax phone line and high monthly charges which characterize the conventional fax. You only need the Internet, your e-mail address and your toll-free or local number which can be set-up for you within the twinkle of an eye and in which a large majority of providers provide a 30-day trial. This invariably means you really don’t have to pay anything up-front.


2.  Highly-Convenient:


You are free to fax anywhere and from any computer. You do not have to necessarily be at the home or office in order to send or receive a fax. This is one awesome part of it which is very good for those whose work or business is travel-related.



3. Environmentally-Friendly.


With the current trend of environmental protection going on all over the world, E-mail fax allows you the opportunity to help keep your environment clean as it prevents the unnecessary wasting of paper. With the faxes in your e-mail, it gives you the opportunity to read your faxes before printing them out.


4. Always Available – 24/7, 365


With E-mail fax, there’s no down-time or busy signals. You can also receive multiple faxes at a time. So, for those who take their faxes seriously, here’s your best bet.


Aside from the above-stated, e-mail fax presents detailed reports, better quality and are more personalized and protected. So it avails you the opportunity to have your fax locked up with a password which you only have access to.

What are you waiting for? Go get your e-mail fax right away!