Why E-readers Are The Future?

E-readers as well as e-books are usually slowly but surely replacing standard books and therefore bookstores themselves. Consequently huge bookstores including Amazon and Barnes & Noble have designed their own electronic book readers. These bookstores designed e-readers along with other e-readers created by businesses like Sony have been on the shopping lists this year. So just why are these electronic products such as hit? In this post I will tell you exactly why e-readers are the future of books.
To begin with, the invention of the e-book reader was to generate a device that could possibly be easy to carry around, effortless to read, and still have a long battery life capable of many hundreds of hours of reading time in order to compete with the printed books. Essentially the older e-book readers were only PDAs which displayed text. But as time went on and the market more demanding, businesses similar to Amazon start using eInk, a kind of screen that is really easy to read in the sun’s rays, in their e-book readers, creating today’s modern e-book reader.
Modern day e-book readers are very leading-edge. To begin with they’re lighter when compared with regular books. Why carry around with you 50 pound textbook when you could carry around an Amazon Kindle that weighs in at in at only around a few ounces. They both have the same amount of information published by the same people, and written by the same people. You might be saying that you can write a textbook to take notes, something e-readers cant do. But now e-book readers have features that let you type in notes and sometimes even draw in notes if it is a touchscreen.
This textbook example also brings up another feature. E-books are much cheaper than regular paper textbooks. A textbook costing $ 90 can be purchased for less than $ 20 digitally. So why pay more? You shouldn’t. Also e-book readers are much thinner than textbooks. Simple enough; it means you don’t have to be lugging around huge books when you could just carry around a thin and light e-book reader.
In conclusion, you do not need to compromise to replace regular paper books with digital books. Today’s e-book readers are very advanced and offer more features, and more benefits, then it would’ve paper books do. Get one, and you will not have to carry around heavy books, and today screen technology will not cause any more eyes string, then paper pages do. E-readers are the future.

I recommend the Amazon Kindle as it is portable, light, and easy to read. For a review go here, The Amazon Kindle Review by Funulo