Why Every Website Should Have RSS on Them

You might ask what is RSS Feed mean?

RSS is an acronym, it stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. It is one of different ways that an Internet marketing business can make sure that their new info reaches to their readers rapidly and easily. Most of the time RSS feeds are used to update reviewers of blogs or news web sites on latest data or productions that have been put up.

Now that you love what RSS means, let me tell you how it works. RSS is maintained by using a code known as ‘XML’, which stands for ‘extensible markup language’. This data format is a good means to be able to send out your RSS feed without having to use a lot of fancy looking graphics or other big files, thus making it so simple and available. A program, downloaded by the subscriber or subscribers to your online marketing business blog or Internet site, is able to take the XML data and put it into a format which can be be show by your subscribers.

There are a number of RSS feeds on the Internet. I would highly recommend using Feed Burner on your website, as it provides two different platform, Atoms and XMLs. Atoms are just like XMLs, but they are the earlier versions of XML, but not a lot uses this platform now. In case that you have someone who is using Atoms platform, they are able to read your new updated content on your website. Furthermore, Feed Burner is now owned by Google, which makes it even better for everyone to use it.

RSS feeds are most normally used by bloggers. They make a essential additional to a blog without learning any coding or complex information, thus so catchy to a wide range of bloggers.

In short, an RSS feed is a great idea to make sure your subscribers/readers can easily sustain to date with your web site and the information on it.