Why Go For Personalised Birthday Cards Above The Rest (Personalised Birthday Cards)

When personalised birthday cards are received they mean so much more than the usual ‘have a nice day’ off the supermarket shelf type of card. Giving a card that has a personal message and is geared towards their interest or sense of humour will be so much more appreciated. Personalised birthday cards are something people like to keep over the years and it can be fun looking back at them in the future.

For the sender of personalised birthday cards it has got to be so much easier too. Given the choice of looking through loads of boring cards in a packed shop, trying your best to find one that is just right then having to just make do and, of course there is no avoiding having to queue up to pay. However, there is another choice. Sitting on the sofa at home, going online, finding a card suited to the individual, putting a personal message inside and their name on the front and have it printed and posted without having to leave the house. Cards can actually be viewed online before buying them, how cool is that?

So what type of personalised birthday cards are you looking for? For football fanatics choose a personalised football flag card showing their name written across a flag being waved in the crowd or emblazoned across the stadium seats. Do you have a Tiger in your life, are they great at golf? They will think it’s a stroke of genius when they open a smiley golf course or golf flag card with their name on. The Boxing Gloves card which has their name across the glove is a knockout choice.

For anyone who is mad about cars they will love seeing their name on the reg plate on cars such as a Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Bugatti. They are sure to get their engines running.

What about those who love the water? Their name can be splashed across the bottom of the swimming pool on the swimmers card.

Little girls love fairies and princesses and everything that’s magical. So on her birthday wave a wand and create her very own fairy princess card with her name across the front. Add a personal magical message inside and this card will help make any little girl’s birthday special. For the cheeky little chaps in your life why not present them with a personalised pirate card or birthday footballer card.

Terrible Teens? Whether its music, football, fashion, pop stars, Hollywood, TV, playing pool, skateboarding, swimming, or most things teenagers are into there is probably a card that will suit. A personal message inside is a great way to get the attention of a teenager.

Feeling a bit naughty? Why not send a whip design, French maid or beach babe card, a real birthday treat. The Attempt to Distract card shows a funny message and a naughty picture on the cover but allows you to personalise it inside.

Most girls love fashion and the latest trends, so the Fashionista card would be a favourite here, as is the Funky Chick card which is so cute and girlie. And if they adore shoes and what girl doesn’t, the shoe fiend card will be a perfect fit.

A newspaper headline card is one way to get attention. Make their birthday headline news then follow it up with a personal greeting inside the card. For something really different and you won’t see this type of card on a supermarket shelf, create your own message and design but carved into a solid wood card.

Be in tune with the recipient and for any music moguls out there choose a card with a musical theme be it drums, air guitar, piano or rock star.

Shop for cards for mum, dad, sister, brother, gran or granddad, friend, husband or wife. Choose a card that is sporty, one for the girls or one for the boys. Are they the green fingered type, love the sun and the beach, good food and wine, DIY. There is a good choice of cards for many different ages, interests and pastimes and these personalised birthday cards will be retained for a long time when the others have usually been binned. Birthdays only happen once a year and personalised birthday cards are a great way to get a message across. Whatever type of card you are looking for you will find it and you then choose the message you want to send – you have a totally unique card. It really is that simple.
Sabung Ayam

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