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Only recently my wife went to Bali, and on her return the first thing that she said to me was that she was amazed to see aboriginal art being sold in a store there. She went there to investigate buying some huts for the Caravan Park that we hope to develop. During her sojourn she bought furniture, planter pots, statues, bed spreads, sheets, doonas, tiles, pavers and some huge doors like the ones that you see in mansions.

Expecting her to buy enough huts to fill 2 x 40′ containers, now I think that we are going to need 6 x 40′ containers to fit everything in. I have heard of women who are compulsive buyers, my wife up until now has never fitted into this category, but she certainly broke from her usual form. Never send your wife to Bali to go shopping. She rang me on the second day that she was there and told me that the shops never close, I asked her how she knew this, her answer, she went shopping until 2.00am.

It seems that we are going into the household and garden furniture business. Don’t get me wrong some of the stuff is absolutely beautiful but where are we going to put it all, and the money she spent was supposed to be used to develop a Caravan Park and build the Huts.

It is like going back to biblical times when Noah built his boat. She bought 2 of everything, except for hand basins, 12 of them, and 5 Beds, 3 sets of 6 dining room chairs, enough tiles and pavers to do 10 houses, lions of varying sizes, elephants, cats, owls, you name the animal she has probably bought a statue of it.

But back to the appearance of Aboriginal Art in Bali, is it so popular and saleable that you can travel overseas and buy something that is uniquely Australian. A lot of our tourists come to Australia to buy Aboriginal Art, but if you can buy it in Bali, or Europe or the USA, why come to Australia. I’ll tell you why.

People should come to Australia to buy Aboriginal Art because there is only one website where you can buy the art of young relatively unknown Aboriginal Artists. If you don’t buy from this website then the only other way you can start investing in young Aboriginal Artists, and therefore potentially have a much greater return on your investment, is to come to Australia.

Spend lots of time travelling across the length and breadth of the country and buy all of the Aboriginal Art for sale that you can find, because it will be a long time before you come back. Spend a few months; because there are people who have spent years travelling around Australia and they still haven’t seen it all, it is a huge country.

If you are buying Aboriginal Art purely for its beauty then why pay thousands of dollars for a famous artist when you can support a young up and coming Aboriginal Artist who can produce a similar piece of artwork. Work it out, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars buying the paintings of popular artists and sit on them and wait for years for them to appreciate in value or you can invest in young artists, spending less money and get a more rapid capital growth
Sabung Ayam
Bali Part 1

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Thanks everyone for this amazing trip!

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