Why Having A Chicken Coop Is Good For Your Children

Your children might not know where the food they eat come from. Maybe they don’t know the painstaking process involved in the production of these food. From cultivating the land on which farmers plant vegetables and other staple food to the raising of livestock for meat, they might have no idea how it is done. Thus one of the benefits children can get from keeping chickens is that they can learn how to be self sufficient.

Even if you live in the city, you can raise chickens because it is not very easy to care for and require only very little space. Having a backyard poultry can teach your children how to raise chickens whether for laying eggs or for meat. This is one way of teaching them to be self sufficient. Also if the chickens produce more eggs than the family can eat then sharing the eggs with friends and family will teach children a valuable lesson in sharing and giving.

Having a chicken coop in your yard can teach them how to feed the chickens and when to give them water and how to shelter them from the elements. This would teach them to be responsible and show them how to care for a living creature and nurture it so that it will grow healthy.

Raising the chickens themselves, children will know that they can produce their own food at home and not just buy them at supermarkets. You can even have a backyard garden to go with the backyard poultry. The eggs from the pet chickens will teach the children the benefits of hard work and labor.

So teaching children how to be self sufficient is easy, just get them involved in raising the chickens in your backyard poultry.
Sabung Ayam
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Sabung Ayam