Why I Use Ezine Solo Ads Combined With Viral Prospecting…

You’ve heard it time and time again. It’s been mentioned over and over by all of the top Gurus on the internet. We are always told that to have an effective business on the internet you have to build a huge list. We are told that “the money is in your list”. The dilemma for alot of people comes down to how exactly do you go about building a big list without breaking the bank and at the same time building it quickly.

I tend to agree with the Gurus on this issue, so I’d like to speak about the power of combining ezine solo ads with viral prospecting to build your lists, get people in front of your biz. opportunity as well as building your downlines. I’ve spoken in other articles that I’ve written about how if you want to increase the likelihood of someone opting in for information that you are offering, you need to first be able to offer a solution to a problem that the potential prospect is having.

The biggest problem that people are having on the internet today and probably has always been effective marketing. Ninety Five percent of people on the internet who are running a home business struggle to utilize effective advertising methods for their businesses and as a result they struggle to make money. If you are smart enough to understand this and you want to build a huge list, then you want to be in the business of offering solutions to their marketing woes. If you combine this with using paid Ezine solo ads to huge subscriber lists and a viral step by step prospecting system then you will no longer wonder how you will be able to list build, nor will you wonder how you will build your downline organization.

I usually start off with an attractive lead page that directly offers help for people who are struggling to market. The solution I offer is the 3 step viral prospecting system that I use and tell them that they can also use it %100 Free. In addition to this my system offers them an 8 day ecourse that teaches them about some of the most up-to-date marketing methods and also about using prospecting systems for success. These are the things that are offered on the lead page that is offered in the system I use. All this is great, but the question that still must be answered is “Khalil what is your main method for getting that lead page in front of the people?” The answer is I use Solo Ads to Ezines and Credit Based Safelists! Most of the people who are in these Ezines and Credit Based Safelists are there for the purpose of marketing, building home business and learning how to market, so if you can increase their knowledge or help them out with some of the same then you will get great responses and opt-ins to what you’re offering.

Right now I average about 50 to 75 new opt-ins a week operating on a $ 100-$ 150 budget for the month using this simple little method. Once my prospects have opted in to the 8 day e-course that is offered, they are also taken step by step for a total of 3 steps through the viral prospecting system. They are shown this in step 1, they are shown that in step 2 and they are showed the final portion in step 3. There are a total of about 5 potential income streams utilized in my prospecting system along with a choice of using the current primary business that you were already marketing before opting in to my page. Once they reach step 3 they are considered a hot prospect and they are given the sign up form to use the prospecting system, once they are signed up they are taught even more methods to advertise outside of what I’m sharing here in this article.

I really enjoy doing business this way because it’s really time efficient, it reaches alot of people and they are taken through your presentation each time they opt-in. Before I was introduced to the world of internet marketing, I used to be a part of different offline MLMs and there is no way I could consistently reach this many people with my opportunity, nor could I do it without taking up alot of my time as well as taking alot of other peoples time to review a business plan. When you combine this with 5 different income streams, you will start to notice that you get signups for one program or another each time you send your ad out and you are also getting new subscribers for your list. More importantly you are gaining new members using the prospecting system and duplicating the same methods.

I will share more in-depth analysis of this system in future articles, but for now I hope I have given you some incite into how easy it is to build a list and downlines using the marketing method I have listed above.

To your success!

Khalil Bashir
Sabung Ayam
Brian Culbertson

Brian Culbertson is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer who crosses genres between contemporary jazz, R&B, and funk. Heralding from the musically rich city of Chicago, he began his musical studies at the early age of 8 on piano and quickly picked up several other instruments by age 12 including drums, trombone, bass, & euphonium. Inspired by the great R&B/Jazz/Pop artists of the 70s like EWF, Tower of Power, Chicago, David Sanborn, and others, Brian Culbertson started composing original music for his 7th grade piano recital and hasnt stopped having self-produced 16 solo albums, most of which have topped the Billboard Contemporary Jazz charts.Having worked and performed with countless industry all-stars like Michael McDonald, Chris Botti, Ledisi, Barry Manilow, Herb Alpert, Natalie Cole, Chuck Brown, and Bootsy Collins just to name a few, Brian has received numerous awards including being nominated for a 2012 NAACP Image Award and a 2012 Soul Train Award. Also in 2012, he founded the Napa Valley Jazz Getaway now in its 5th year.Brian is always striving to push the boundaries of the jazz scene, which is evident by his forthcoming album, Funk! due out this September. This new set is a throwback to the stanky P-Funk records from back in the day combining infectious bass lines, greasy horn licks, sing-a-long hooks and of course, landing hard on the One. This record is also a follow-up to his widely successful Bringing Back The Funk album from 2008, which was co-produced by the late Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire.Regardless of his success, fans can be rest assured that with the 16 albums and counting, Brian Culbertson always brings his very best and brings the very best out of others in all his broad-ranging musical endeavors.