Why is acrylic windows ideal replacement for conventional glass windows?

You may know acrylic as Plexiglas which was its original trademarked name first introduced in 1933 in the market place. With today’s technology advancement this useful material is been introduced to the average Canadian homes as windows’ insulation. Insulate your windows maybe a far fetched idea, but surprise to many home owners it can be done and you will save on your heating bill. Acrylic glass is about 8 times stronger than conventional glass and weights only about 50% compare to conventional glass. Because acrylic glass is flexible, it is much stronger material that is unlikely to shatter. Unlike conventional windows it will require considerable amount of force to break acrylic window but the same principle doesn’t hold true for glass.


Today our commercial aircrafts are all using acrylic windows instead of glass, acrylic is certainly more durable, sustainable, as well as shatter proof. With this array of amazing qualities, it is the ideal replacement material for glass windows. Super Saver Windows has a brand new product constructed with acrylic glass, this type of windows insulation is made up with layer of acrylic glass along with a magnetically sealed edge much like the modern day refrigerators’ doors. The product is easy to install and can be custom fitted to any existing windows’ frame with ease.


Not only this system will reduce your heat loss and save you on your energy bills, but it can also prevent harmful UV rays from entering your home, it even reduces the outside noise level to up to 90%. So the next time you are thinking of making some home improvement to your house, put Super Saver Windows on your to do list. You will thank yourself at the end of the year.


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