Why Is Chicken Salad Better Than Other Salads

You probably already know how healthy a salad is. You may also know that chicken is a healthy meat. Adding the two together gives you a tasty meal that is filled with healthy vitamins and nutrients. While there are many types of chicken salad, all are equally healthy and delicious. Some recipes simply call for adding baked or grilled chicken to a bed of lettuce and other salad vegetables.

Cold chicken salad however, is the most common form. Throw some almonds and. Adding nuts can give you vital nutrients and antioxidants to keep you healthy. Even if mayo is a must in your chicken salad, you can find a healthy version of this as well.

Look for mayonnaise that is low or fat free. You may also want to think about skipping the mayo completely and going for something even healthier such as olive oil with fresh herbs.Look through your mother’s old cookbooks and you will likely find a thousand ways to prepare chicken salad. You can also go online to any number of recipe sites and find thousands of variations of this favorite.

If you plant a garden in the summer, be sure to grab some fresh veggies for your recipe. Consider adding carrots fresh from the garden or apples from your tree. Be sure if you are buying chicken salad that you know exactly what goes into making it. Salads that have already been made and packaged may contain an excessive amount of fat and calories. It is one thing to enjoy chicken salad, but you should be sure that you are still eating healthy. A good rule of thumb when purchasing pre-made chicken salad is to be sure you can pronounce all the ingredients.

Although most chicken salads are delicious, the best ones are those that you prepare yourself. If you are eating chicken salad that contains fatty or unhealthy additives, then you are simply defeating the purpose. If you prepare your own chicken salad, you can be sure that it is completely healthy. Don’t be afraid to make too much, you can always eat leftovers the next day. Chicken salad for lunch with a few whole-wheat crackers is a very low fat and healthy dish. It is also a delicious dish that gives you not only a full serving of vegetables, but healthy, lean protein as well. And, if you throw in a few almonds or cranberries, you are protecting your heart from disease.
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