Why is Dr Oz So Hopping Mad? 2 Things You Must Know Before Buying Resveratrol Online

Okay, let’s take a second and discuss resveratrol and Dr. Oz. Why is this an important topic to discuss? Well, unless you’ve been spending most of your time away from your computer the last 6 months, you’ve probably seen Dr. Oz’s face splashed all over lots of different resveratrol ad campaigns, right? These ads run on major websites, news portals and even super popular ISP home pages and free email campaigns.

And Dr. Oz is well known to endorse a healthy lifestyle, alternative wellness products and supplements and has made mention of resveratrol more than once as a great possibility in the ongoing fight against aging, disease and optimal health.

So why is Dr. Oz so incredibly aggravated by all of these ads?

Because he didn’t agree to be on them. And he doesn’t endorse those products. And the fact that they run these ads SUGGESTING that he does…well, where I come from that just isn’t right. And Dr. Oz? Apparently he comes from the same place, because he’s threatened to sue more than one of these illicit operations, and Oprah herself has chimed in with equal sound and fury because the same folks are doing the same thing to her.

What you need to know is this:

You CAN be excited, enthusiastic and amazingly encouraged about all of the good news about resveratrol. You can buy resveratrol supplements online, and you just may get the same sort of life changing benefits that many others seem to be so ecstatic about. After all, lots of people FAR more important in the scientific community than Dr. Oz believe that resveratrol MAY in fact be the fountain of youth.

But don’t buy a product with his face on it. Because it’s sneaky. And it’s a good way of bringing honesty back into the marketplace. And because it’s not right. And because you can get a great resveratrol supplement without having to participate in the manipulative marketing efforts of companies that don’t deserve your business!

Harsh? Maybe. But true. And your body will thank me later for the advice, I promise!